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Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom: Getting Rid of the Belly Bulge! {Video}

As moms, we lead the busiest of lives. We’re not just on the job for 40 hours a week, or even 60. We work tirelessly 24/7 to raise our children, care for our family, run errands, and work. With such a full plate, it feels nearly impossible to find time for ourselves and our own health.

Well I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to make crazy changes to your schedule in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It starts with once again, the basics – posture. Postural changes can be made without taking away any time with your kids or husband! Simply changing the way you sit, stand, and carry yourself not only can relieve neck, back, and joint pain, but also turns on your deep core, which helps us get rid of that belly bulge. And if you’re pregnant, having a strong deep core during pregnancy makes it easier to regain that flat belly after baby. Watch my video below to see how you can improve posture with my simple tips, and be on your way to your pre-pregnancy glory (or better)!

I love hearing from you so please  leave any questions or comments below.

Let’s get the word out! There are a lot of moms and families out there and I want to help as many as I possibly can. Little changes to your lifestyle really can make a BIG IMPACT on both you and your family. Not to mention all the great habits you are building for your little ones, so share on…

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If you missed the last video talking all about sugar, check it out here!

After Baby

Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom: Let’s Talk About Sugar! {Video}

Moms, you know how much I care about your body, confidence, and pregnancy(s).. but most importantly, I care about your health! But being healthy and confident is not just about exercise, though that definitely plays a big part in it. Rather, it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of our life, including sleep, exercise, eating right, time management for our kids, husband, and self, etc., to ultimately attain the best version of ourselves.

But we’re moms, and by definition, that makes us busy!! So how can we maintain an overall well-being and our sanity at the same time?? By taking manageable steps towards a healthy lifestyle, starting with the basics – food. Check out the video below addressing nutrition – specifically sugar. This is the first of a three-part video series geared toward a healthy lifestyle for you busy moms!

I want your feedback so leave any questions or comments below.

Let’s get the word out! There are a lot of moms and families out there and I want to help as many as I possibly can. Little changes to your lifestyle really can make a BIG IMPACT on both you and your family. Not to mention all the great habits you are building for your little ones, so share on…

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After Baby

MentorMob Parenting Resource



Hey Mama’s, check out this brand NEW site!

A couple of my favorite things about

  1. It’s EASY to navigate!
  2. Info is chosen from respected blogs and other great sources (not just a google search engine)
  3. Fantastic info all in one spot
  4. Knocked-Up Fitness has several posts featured on
  5. Plus so much more, check it out for yourself and read on…

MentorMob is the world’s first crowdsourced lifestyle learning website where a community of enthusiasts curate online guidebooks from the web’s best content. Always free to the public, these in-depth learning paths organize the web’s best learning content for you, and empower anyone to start, enhance or master any skill or hobby. One of our first communities that is continuing to grow everyday is parenting.


Everyday expecting and existing parents are sifting through thousands of pieces of information, trying to find the right answers. And while the answer to all their questions likely exists on the web, a trusted answer is not always easy to find. 


This is the frustration we seek to eliminate by providing a definitive step-by-step path to learn, that has been curated by a trusted community (imagine a very organized Pinterest or Wikipedia-like source for important topics in parenting). 


After Baby

Strengthening Your Deep Core




The benefits of strengthening your deep core are virtually endless! Here are a few important reasons you need to start ASAP and strengthen your deep core:

  •  Look and FEEL your best, during pregnancy, after baby, and far beyond!
  • A quicker and easier labor, specifically the pushing portion (could prevent unnecessary c-section).
  • The ability to bounce back quicker after baby – get those abs back! (or as I prefer to say “core back”)

For more information and great exercises, check out my NEW Book Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy.



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After Baby

How Soon Can I Workout After Baby? {Video}

I can’t tell you how often I get asked… “How soon can I workout now that I’ve had my baby?”

Watch my video below for my detailed answer to this…


Now that you’ve had your little one(s) and are ready to get back to your workouts (or at least in the near future anyways), my Functional Pilates-Infused Workouts are designed for you to get your body back! With gradual (yet challenging) progressional workouts that’ll leave you feeling sore in all the right places the next day, plus I address diastasis recti and include some short videos talking about those first steps to getting your abs back after baby. Because, yes, crunches can make diastasis worse (or I should say “will” make worse). You must work your middle slowly and gradually strengthen, especially if this is baby #2 or beyond for you. Taking care of yourself is the first step to being the best mom you can be! I know it’s challenging and you may feel like you have no time to workout but take even just 10 minutes (or more if you can) most days of the week to feel (and look) your best! You deserve it mama!

Functional Pilates-Infused Workouts are available in both DVD and instant (unlimited) access via digital streaming too.

After Baby Program w/ DVDs


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After Baby

Gearing Up for Baby: My 10 Must Haves!

Having a baby can turn anyone into a one-woman search engine– there are so many things you want to know! On the top of this list is finding the right baby gear, because you’ll be getting pretty well acquainted with it when your baby is here and you need to use them! As a blog dedicated to all things baby, I wanted to share some of my favorite baby gear with all of you!

1. Bouncer Chair
We have two, actually, because with both my boys this was about the only place they would sleep as infants– at that crucial time where you feel like if they don’t sleep on somewhere other than you for at least an hour, you might cry (just me?).Trust me on this one, when you have somewhere you can put your baby down without them crying, its worth it. I had two babies that hated sleep, therefore, I loved the vibrating bouncer chair.

2. Angelcare Movement and Sounds Monitor
I’m not an enormous fan of the video monitors, but this Movement and Sound monitor was on my must-have list. Monitoring baby’s temperature and heartbeat, and with amazing sound quality, I am so happy with this monitor– especially after going through 3 different monitors with my first that all had poor sound quality or lost signal or just broke!
3. Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat
Currently on loan to my sister who has an 18 month old, this seat is super portable, easy to clean, comfortable, and convenient. I really dislike putting my kids in public highchairs, and what’s worse is going out and there being NO child seats available. We took this seat on visits to family across the country, and to almost every restaurant we went to from the time our first could fit into it, until he was able to sit in a normal seat at the table. If you plan on eating anywhere other than at home, I highly recommend this seat!
4. Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker 3 Wheel Travel System
After fighting with a four wheel stroller with my first, I knew we needed a 3 wheeler for this baby– and I absolutely love this stroller. My biggest complaint with four wheel strollers was the front tires constantly crossing, making it impossible to push! This three wheel stroller is perfect for walking and even light jogging with baby, and can easily be used with the infant car seat or seat a toddler. One note, we have an SUV and the car seat barely fits behind the passenger seat, so be sure it is suitable for your vehicle!

5. NUK products
I have been fortunate to be able to exclusively nurse both my babies so far, but they have pumped bottles for each of them if I have an appointment or need a nap– and I will likely never use another bottle after using NUK bottles and pacifiers. This is personal preference, but both of my babies preferred the nipple of these bottles and pacifiers to other brands, which I think has to do with its unique shape.

6. Evenflo Single Electric Pump
As I mentioned above, I do occasionally pump a bottle; and when my kids start cereal I add milk to their cereals instead of buying the brands with formula added. That being said, this pump is perfect for our needs. It’s perfect for busy moms– I can use it on one side while feeding on the other, so pumping doesn’t mean sitting around for longer than I have to! It isn’t used every day, but I use it regularly enough that a manual pump wastes too much time (had a manual with my first and it was torturous!). This pump is effective, comfortable, easy to clean, and fairly inexpensive when compared to other pumps– just some of the reasons I love this product!

7. Nursing Covers
While not all nursing covers are created equal– many of them do the same job in a similar way. I used my nursing cover a lot more with my first than with my second, and as you and your baby become more comfortable nursing, you may not need it. While your both learning, though, a nursing cover can be an essential part of nursing-in-public success, since you aren’t worrying about holding up a blanket and latching and holding baby (how many hands do we have, anyway!?!). To choose a good cover, make sure the material is breathable so baby and you are both comfortable, and it should have a secure, adjustable strap so it fits right, stays in place, and can be adjusted when needed!

8. A comfortable baby-wearing device
Again, not all brands are created equal, but many do the job right and it will depend on how it fits you personally. Be sure that whatever wrap you choose fits securely and is comfortable. Some of my favorites are: Moby wrap, the ErgoBaby Carrier, and the Infantino Wrap & Tie.

9. Live Clean Baby Products
With a complete line of baby products (we especially love the lotion, body wash, and non-petroleum jelly), the Live Clean Baby line is eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals, leaving baby comfortable and clean. Plus the smell absolutely amazing!

10. Munchkin Baby Food Net Feeder
This little device makes giving baby the foods you’re already eating so much easier, and helps them learn to chew. Perfect for babies who are curious about food or teething, this tiny-hand-sized net gives them more options and satisfies their taste buds with real, healthy foods! My little guy ate strawberries in this thing like they were going out of style!
So there you have it! Some of the best items that we (my kids included) have absolutely loved! Hopefully you find these and any other products you buy make your life with a little one, a little easier! :)


*   *   *   *   *   *   *

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Life With 2: Second Time Moms Tell All!

‘Having a baby changes your life forever!’
It’s absolutely true; and when you’re pregnant with your first, everyone reiterates that your life will change (like it hasn’t already during pregnancy!!). But once you’ve tried your hand at mommy-hood, and announce a second pregnancy– people don’t mention quite as often how much the balance shifts again. Some will mention a change for older siblings, but many forget to mention that you will now be outnumbered!
Life with two has a whole new set of challenges and rewards. For example, your oldest will be sharing toys and attention– but the reward of seeing them play together and interact is so worth it. The great thing about life with two or more, is that no matter how different each child is, you’re a little more experienced each time. This might be why some studies are showing a co-relation between happiness and having 2-3 children, and a decreased risk for post partum depression and delivery disatisfaction. Second time moms can be more in control!
Another interesting study shows that 2nd time moms (and in subsequent pregnancies + beyond) there are greater feelings of control over situations and emotions, leading to happier moms and happier babies.
As a second time mom myself, I’m slowly finding that there is balance (and life!) after two, outside of my house.
Shopping trips, family outings, and time for yourself can happen with a 6 month old and a 4 year old (or more!)– and the more times you do it, the more normal and manageable it becomes. Some of these issues are the most common concerns among parents with multiple children, and the best response to alleviating the stress by experienced parents, is to schedule your time. Making a plan and schedule you can stick to– one that’s reasonable and achievable– will make you feel more satisfied with your time.

Here are a few important things you may not think to schedule in, that can improve your day-to-day satisfaction:
1 on 1 dates with older children– a walk to the duck pond is my son’s go-to mommy date.

Movie Night In with your Spouse– it’s inexpensive, comfortable, and can do wonders to reconnect.

Express Mani/Pedi– Time for yourself doesn’t have to mean hours away. Taking an hour for some easy pampering, time at the gym alone, or a bubble bath will refresh your mind and body.

Baby Massage– Time alone with baby can often equate to groggy, 3am diaper changes. To get to know your baby like you did with your first, schedule a little time alone with your wakeful baby while someone else has time with just the older kid(s). Baby’s little personality without distractions might surprise you!

Whether you’re only child is on the way to becoming an older sibling, or your a seasoned mom of multiples, these tips can help you manage your time with your little loved ones.

* * * * * * *


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After Baby

Sex After Baby: Real Moms Talk!


Just when you thought your body could go back to normal, you realize your postpartum hormones have something different planned! Sex after baby can be a big change for you and your partner. Even when you finally find the time and feel physically ready, your body might not get the message– so we asked 200 moms about their postpartum sex lives, and they shared it all!

Depending on your delivery experience, you could be ready to resume sex sooner (or later) than you had expected, which can be confusing for new moms. Often, postpartum hormonal changes can affect your sex drive, and even your physical ability to enjoy sex, but rest assured, this can be normal– especially if you had a traumatic delivery or required a c-section. Health experts agree that issues like pain, dryness, emotional or physical discomfort, and even feelings of anxiety about sex after baby can be completely normal, and should be addressed with your doctor, and your partner, to help you safely overcome these challenges. Additionally, many moms feel great shortly after delivery, and if that’s you– just be sure your doctor confirms you’re all healed to reduce your risk of complications.
To show you just how different postpartum sex is for each individual, here are a few things real moms had to say about sex after baby!
“After having two babies back-to-back, my sex drive has disappeared. I mentioned it to my midwife and she says its normal and due to hormones — mother nature’s birth control!”

“I had a pretty traumatic delivery and it took a few months to heal totally, then I had a lot of anxiety about sex being painful. After talking it out and having my doctor check everything, I’m slowly starting to enjoy sex again.”

“We had sex 5 weeks after I had our first, and 3 weeks after our second and it was great! Our sex life surprisingly got better after having our second (I had a low lying placenta and wasn’t allowed to have sex from 15-34 weeks).”

“Once I healed well enough from giving birth, my sex drive is back and better than ever!”

“I had ZERO sex drive my entire pregnancy! We started trying again around 5 weeks, and it was kind of painful but the more i did it the better it got. Now I think my sex drive is even better then it was pre-pregnancy.”

“I had a pretty quick delivery with very little tearing (no stitches). I felt great after my postpartum check-up and was ready to have sex… when we can find the time.”

Whether you’re ready to jump back into your sex life soon after delivery, or it takes you several weeks to feel ready– remember it’s most important that you feel comfortable, your doctor says you’re physically healed, and you listen to your body!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *


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