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5 Tips to Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain


Weight gain is a reality of pregnancy… Or is it? Many pregnant women struggle to meet pregnancy weight gain milestones–often leading to anxiety, and unhealthy eating habits. We asked Kristi Angevine, OBGyn, to weigh in on some healthy weight gain tips, and we’re sharing 5 Tips to Ensure Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain.


1) Check-Ups

Your suggested weight gain will be based on your health and BMI at conception as determined by your doctor, and this calculation is often a simple estimation. Your body shape, and the number on the scale throughout you pregnancy will be largely based on your body type, diet, and activity level both before and during pregnancy– so talk to your doctor about the most accurate weight-gain timeline specifically for you.

2) Tummy Talk

If you’re experiencing extreme nausea, excessive vomiting, or ongoing sickness into the second trimester, you’re one of many mamas who experience morning sickness (or all-day sickness for many of us!) If this nausea is interfering with your appetite, weight, or energy, you could be suffering from Hypermesis Gravidium– a pregnancy related illness caused by hormonal fluctuation. There are several ways to ease HG, including diet change, keeping hydrated, grazing so you are never ‘over full’ or hungry, light exercise or meditation, and using natural nausea reducers, such as ginger. In severe cases, medication can be prescribed by a physician if necessary.

Nausea, of any severity, can cause reduced weight gain– and even weight loss– in the first trimester, but rest assured as long as you are eating healthy, taking vitamins, and staying hydrated, baby will get enough nutrients to develop normally!

3) Understanding ‘Diet’

When we talk about diet, we associate it with deprivation, ‘rabbit food’, and trying to lose weight, which causes a lot of confusion– especially for pregnant women, since they are being weighed every month (or more often!). Traditionally, ‘diet’ simply refers to what is being consumed by an individual, and everyone should use this more organic definition. When moms understand that their diet can have a strong impact on their pregnancy, and better understand how food fuels the body, they can have a healthier pregnancy.

With that being said, Dr. Angevine has collaborated with us to develop these additional guidelines for pregnant women struggling to gain the recommended amount of weight.

4) Fats & Carbs

A ‘diet’ that demands fats and carbs? Yes Please! But to be more specific, we’re talking healthy fats and adding additional carbohydrates that are also more closely naturally derived from plants.

Some Excellent Food to Try:

  • Real Organic Nut Butters
  • Walnuts, Pumpkin/Sunflower Seeds, Almonds, Pistachios
  • Steel Cut Oats
  • Flax Seed
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Olive (no heat) or Coconut (low heat) Oil
  • Real Butter (forget the processed stuff, opt for organic, natural types)

Additional carbs in your diet as a pregnant or nursing mama are essential to maintaining energy and health. While we typically think of limiting these items in our diet, fats and carbohydrates provide heart healthy properties and essential nutrients that will help you stay strong, and help fuel you and your baby, both during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding.

Lots of moms are concerned about eating too much, but the bigger concern is eating too much of the wrong things! So go ahead, finish off that delicious avocado or quinoa salad… Just skip on that second serving of ice cream!


5) Flex a Little

Working out to help gain weight– it has a TON of benefits. You’ll feel more energized, you’ll be in great shape during pregnancy and have more endurance (this will help during labor!), many pregnant moms who exercise find their body bounces back better after delivery, and surprisingly, weighted exercises will help you gain healthy weight– Muscle! It is safe to perform almost all weight lifting and weight bearing exercises you did before pregnancy, as long as you’re using proper body mechanics & listening to your body. If you weren’t previously doing weight-training, talk to your doctor about your personal limitations, and seek out a specialized prenatal exercise program like Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal DVDs. Remember, exercising to build muscle and gain energy can help your pregnancy progress healthfully, but never exercise yourself to exhaustion!

Finally, since we’re talking about weight– remember that pregnancy is a time to gain weight healthfully, it’s all for your beautiful baby (or babies!!). If you’re concerned you are gaining too little, or too much, be sure to talk to your doctor to review what is a healthy weight range for your pregnancy!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

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Rise Bar Giveaway!



Recently I came across Rise Bar in Wholefoods an was super impressed with their bars! Especially the protein bars which have very few ingredients! Nothing fake, no fillers, no crap!! This is great for everyone especially you pregnant and nursing mamas, since everything you eat your baby eats too. So mamas check these bars out and here’s your chance to win a variety box!!! Enter below and winner must be in the US.

P.S. My absolute favorite bar is the Almond Honey bar :-)


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Real Mom Blogs: Julia at 34 Weeks Pregnant!


Here we are: week 34 and things just got even more interesting!


I have been diagnosed with polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid), which they suspect may be from gestational diabetes that was missed in the 1-hour glucose test. The polyhydramnios makes me high risk for preterm delivery, and I have been instructed to “take it easy”.

No more squats with dumbbells for me, but luckily no one uttered the dreaded words bed rest. My new go to exercises are the 3 butt lifting exercises (just because my belly is sagging, doesn’t mean my butt has to) and the tricep extensions. I’ve also been doing a lot of Wii boxing and stretching. The stretching should come in handy, since I plan on doing a medication free, all natural delivery and in the level II ultrasound we had yesterday the baby weighed in at 6lbs 14oz already!

I haven’t had the 3-hour test yet, but in an effort to get out in front of this thing I’ve begun to cut back on my sugars and carbs. So what’s a baker to do with herself in the midst of the carby-est time of the year. Well suck it up for starters and then you get creative. Just last night my two sons, 3 and 4, really wanted spaghetti. Regular pasta has a really high glycemic index, no good if you are trying to watch your sugar level. Instead Mommy made herself Eggs in Purgatory. Sounds strange, tastes delicious. Here’s how it goes:



2 cups of your favorite jarred pasta sauce (read the label to make sure your sauce isn’t high in sugar)

2 eggs

2 slices of provolone

2 slices of your favorite low carb or high fiber bread (rye and Ezekiel bread or breads with more than 5 grams of fiber per serving are considered to have a low glycemic index)



Put your sauce in a small pan and heat until bubbling. If your sauce is thick you may want to add a tablespoon or so of water which will evaporate out as you cook. Crack your two eggs into the pasta sauce and cover with a lid. Start toasting your bread. Let it bubble for 5 minutes by which time the whites should be firm, but keep an eye out the last thing you want is rubbery eggs. The hot sauce will have poached the eggs, how cool is that.

Place your toast on the plate, top with your poached egg, the hot sauce and a slice of provolone and enjoy! This meal is so tasty and comforting it won’t feel like you’re depriving yourself at all.


Just 6 weeks left…maybe. Here’s to avoiding the jello pudding and the jello booty!


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7 Pregnancy Super Foods


Making healthy nutrition choices during pregnancy is extremely important for you and your baby. Making sure you’re eating the right amount of food is half the battle, since good pregnancy nutrition is all about consuming functional foods that provide all the nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy and baby’s development. Try to include a variety of these and other foods, and choose natural and organic varieties as often as possible to achieve optimal pregnancy health. Be sure to discuss your dietary needs with your healthcare provider.   image 1) Kefir— This super food typically contains three times the amount of pro-biotic cultures as a traditional yogurt, boosting benefits for digestion and your immune system– both of which are important during pregnancy. One serving of this super food can provide 10 grams of protein in just 100 calories. It also contains tryptophan– which can help relax the body– and calcium to support bone health for you and your baby!

2) Almonds— High in healthy fats, almonds are an excellent pregnancy snack to help reduce hunger-related fatigue and nausea. Their phosphorus content help support bone and teeth development, and help you maintain nutrients that pregnancy can often deplete without a balanced diet. Almonds can also help you achieve and maintain low cholesterol and healthy blood sugar levels.

3) Blueberries— This antioxidant rich berry provides vitamin K to fight cancer and promote bone growth– which is essential for your growing baby. They are also high in vitamin C, and are a fiber rich fruit , aiding digestion and helping you feel full. Blueberries have one of the lowest glycemic index ratings for fruit, and it’s iron content promotes cell growth, liver function, and oxygen transportation. This pregnancy super food is definitely worth incorporating in your diet.

4) Avocado— Containing impressive amounts of vitamins C and K, folate, and omega 3’s, avocado provides a great deal of health benefits to expectant moms. It is also extremely high in unsaturated fats, the good ones that help you feel full. Just remember that one serving is half an avocado, which provides 15 grams of good fats.

5) Quinoa— A complete protein that provides 2x the fiber as most carbohydrates, , and quinoa is iron rich, helping transport oxygen to muscles.It also contains lysine, which aides tissue growth and repair– essential to mom’s health and baby’s growth.

6) Salmon— Fresh, wild salmon is a super food that provides an impressive amount of Omega 3’s, vitamin D, and calcium– all essential to bone health and brain development. Omega 3’s also have anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce symptoms associated with arthritis and asthma. While wild salmon is ideal, much of what is available fresh is farmed, so canned salmon can be a good option occasionally– and canned salmon includes small, edible pieces of calcium-rich bones! Remember to limit your fish into to 1 serving/week due to the possible mercury content.

7) Leafy Greens— Many green vegetables boast high fiber content, and leafy greens provide high levels of folate, a B vitamin that is instrumental in neural tube development, brain and spinal development, and the production of red blood cells. B vitamins have also been shown to help reduce stress, which can be especially helpful during pregnancy! Try to include a variety of super greens, including kale, baby spinach, and arugula in your meals, and be sure to include a good fat along with it to help your absorb the nutrients! Try adding some of these super foods to your pregnancy meals, or as a snack throughout the day to keep your energy levels up and hunger at bay.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *

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My Top 10 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating


That’s right, it’s free just for you! If you haven’t already received it through my newsletter then now’s your chance to download for free when you sign up here!


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Strawberry Chicken Spinach Salad





Strawberry Chicken Spinach Salad 


  •  3 handfuls of spinach
  • 4oz boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 2 mandarin oranges
  • 5 strawberries
  • 2 Tbsp. fat free feta cheese
  • 2 Tbsp. chopped walnuts
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar (to taste)
  • 1 ½ teaspoons Italian seasoning



  1. Marinate chicken – Turn oven on 350 degrees.  Place chicken breast in a big Ziploc bag.  Pour balsamic vinegar (enough to cover chicken) and Italian seasoning.  Zip the bag closed, let it marinate for 30 minutes, over night, or bake immediately…whatever is most convenient for you.  Place chicken on a greased baking sheet, or a pryex dish and bake for about 20-25 minutes (oven time will vary).  Make sure chicken is not pink when cut through.
  2. In a large bowl, combine spinach with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar and toss.  Slice the chicken breast, peel the mandarins, slice the strawberries, toss measure feta cheese, and the walnuts – add to bowl.  And enjoy!


* Time Saver:  Make extra marinated chicken breasts for later that week! (If so, use more Italian seasoning and vinegar to marinate.)



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In an ideal world, we would sit down to healthy, leisurely snacks and meals with our kids whenever hunger strikes. And of course they would eat whatever we serve, with pleasure.

But as any mom knows, this scenario is a rarity even for the most motivated mamas! Busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles mean that we all need some healthy foods that are appealing to kids and easy to eat when we’re away from home.

Below are some new portable snack ideas to add into your rotation. As always, feel free to alter them in any way to better suit your family’s tastes.

No Prep Snacks

  • Freeze dried vegetables. Edamame, corn, peas, tomatoes, and more. Kids feel like they’re eating something new and different but these are literally just dried veggies.
  • Cheese sticks. We all know string cheese, but Babybel rounds, Laughing Cow wedges, and cheddar cheese sticks or rectangles are slightly different twists on a longtime staple. Pair cheese with apple slices, berries, or whole grain crackers for a well-balanced snack that satisfies.
  • Steamed edamame pods. Kids love pulling these beans out of the pods, so they’re kind of like an activity in addition to a snack. Sprinkle with a little seasoned salt for extra flavor.
  • Siggi’s drinkable yogurt. Unlike most drinkable yogurts, Siggi’s are low in sugar and a good source of protein. Plus, it comes in cute little 4 oz. bottles that are perfectly portioned for tiny tummies.
  • Kashi Soft Baked Cereal Bars. No bar is as healthy as real, whole foods. But these bars are lower in sugar and higher in fiber than other cereal bars, and soft enough for toddlers to eat, too.
  • Flavored Roasted Nuts. Either make your own, or find some tasty flavored nuts in the bulk section of your grocery store. You can even make your own “trail mix” with these, plain popcorn, whole grain cereal, and a few chocolate chips or dried cranberries.

Low Prep Snacks

  • Banana burritos. Simply spread any kind of nut butter on a whole wheat tortilla, top with sliced bananas and raisins, and roll up into a “banana burrito.”
  • Steamed eggs with salsa and beans. Whisk an egg or two with some salsa and a few black beans in a mug or bowl. Microwave for about 2 minutes or until egg is cooked, then serve on toast or in a to-go mug if you’re running out the door.
  • Cottage cheese with avocado and toasted almonds. If your kids don’t like the texture of cottage cheese, blend it in the food processor to make it smooth and creamy. For kids who like spice, sprinkle a few chili flakes or some turmeric on top.
  • Corn on the cob. This is more of a summer snack, but corn can quickly be microwaved, slathered with a little butter, and taken on a to-go plate.
  • Mason jar parfaits. When you have the time, have your kids layer yogurt, fruit, and nuts or granola in a mason jar with a lid (make one for yourself, too!). Stick these in the fridge and let each person grab their parfait when they’re hungry and in a hurry.

Having trouble getting your kids to try this stuff? Ask them to help you make it. Kids who help select and prepare their food are more likely to eat it. Plus, it makes food more fun!


Guest post by: Amelia Winslow is a nutritionist, self-taught chef, and busy mom who believes healthy eating should be easy and enjoyable, not stressful or overwhelming.  That’s why she started Eating Made Easy, a trusted resource for all your food & nutrition questions plus practical tips to make healthy eating easier.  Whenever you feel confused about the latest fad diet or food trend, or need help figuring out what to buy or eat, head on over to Eating Made Easy to get Amelia’s reliable, science-based advice.


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Ritual Wellness Daily Juices!

KUF RC PrePostnatalRC_FrontR2

I love Ritual Wellness Daily Juices! Not only are they 100% organic & raw, their bottles are 100% biodegradeable & made from recycled materials. Pregnant or nursing, of course you don’t want to”cleanse”, thats why it’s great that they offer daily juices. Think of it as a whole lotta nutrients & craving control in one bottle!

I always feel so great after I’ve had a yummy green juice or really any of their juices, the greens are just my favorite. Drinking them occassionally during pregnancy & especially now while nursing has really helped control my crazy cravings/hunger. Think about drinking Ritual Wellness Daily Juices to increase your nutrient intake rather than to prevent weight gain. Yes they are great for that (you can do that after you’re done nursing), but you still want to make sure you are eating plenty of calories for your growing baby whether pregnant or nursing. Remember pregnancy requires an average 300 additional daily calories and nursing requires around 500 additional daily calories. So be sure you are adding in juices to your healthy diet & not replacing any meals :-)

I’m excited to announce that Ritual Wellness is offering a $15 off coupon for your first order when you buy my Knocked-Up Fitness DVD’s! Order here & I’ll email your  coupon through Amazon to you!