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May Mama’s Giveaway!



It’s May and that means Mother’s Day and Pregnancy Awareness Month. So I thought it time to do a BIG giveaway! These products are some of my favorites and I know you will love them too!


Cake Lingerie – Orange Zest Sports Bra {$79.90} & Black Cotton Candy Luxury Seamless Bra + Matching Brief {$49.90, $24.90}
Cake Lingerie finds the feminine in you within the practical world of pregnancy and breastfeeding. From our flexible wire bras that mold perfectly to your changing body, to technically constructed soft cups and seamless transition bras, each piece is as intricately unique as the different stages of your changing body.

Aden + Anais – Bamboo Daydream Blanket {$149.95}
A luxurious blanket that is perfect for adults, our classic daydream blanket is made of four layers of 100% cotton muslin and love. Cozy up with the daydream blanket during quiet nights at home or use as an added home accent.

Me2Roo – Scarlet Waterfall Wrap & Piper Capri Leggings {$48.00, $62.00}
Me2Roo presents a collection of effortlessly chic and stylish activewear designed to transition and embrace the body through all stages of pregnancy. Me2Roo’s clothing line aims to inspire women who exercise to feel positive about themselves and the changes their bodies experience before, during and after pregnancy.

Bikini Mama’s Maternity Swimwear – Pink Pushup Nursing Top + Matching Bikini Bottoms {$79.99, $29.99}
At Bikini Mama’s, our goal is to design and manufacture a line of sexy-looking, durable swimsuits, incorporating the latest styles, colors and patterns.  We also ensure that our swimwear is comfortable to wear, easy to use and take care of, and provides your body optimum support, during and after pregnancy.

Knocked-Up Fitness – Pre/Postnatal Fitness Program {$79.00}  Includes Prenatal 2 DVD set, After Baby 2 DVD set and The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy Book. Knocked-Up Fitness is designed to be an effective and fun way for expecting moms to stay active and in shape throughout pregnancy. The best time to start getting your body back after baby is during pregnancy with exercises that are designed to create strong deep core muscles that will leave you feeling strong during and after pregnancy.

The Twistband – Hello Specialty Pack + Anchor Specialty Pack + The Perfect Little Dish {$13.00, $13.00, $24.00}
While normal elastic bands tug on hair, cause headaches and can leave dents in your hair when you take it down, the Twistband eliminates these problems. Twistbands are ponybands and headbands made of elastic trim. They stretch to support any hairstyle, yet are slim and sleek enough to wear on your wrist when you want to let your hair down.

Chewbeads – Necklack & Bracelet Set {$50.50}
Most babies love to put all things, good and bad, in their mouths. Inspired by this, Chewbeads aims to create safe, non-toxic teethers and toys that babies and parents can enjoy and feel good about.

Bamboobies – Nursing Pads (Multi-pack 3 pair regular + 1 pair overnight) + Nipple Balm {$29.99, $12.99}
Bamboobies is all about the nursing mom – along with Bamboobies unique ultra-soft nursing pads, which don’t show through or leak through like other washable pads, you can protect yourself and your newborn from sore and cracked nipples with a non-toxic, organic nipple balm (that doesn’t need to be washed off before feeding like Lanolin does).

Undercover Mama – Slimming Top {$34.99}
The Undercover Mama attaches to any bra to create a nursing shirt you can wear with anything. The Slim Mama smoothes and shapes your belly, sides and back and gives them coverage you want without constricting your chest or interfering with breastfeeding. Make any shirt, a nursing shirt with Undercover Mama.


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Importance of DHA During & After Pregnancy! {Video}

I came across this video the other day and had totally forgotten about ever filming it (over 2 years ago that is!). I was very pregnant – like 40 weeks pregnant – with baby #3! You can have a good laugh with me – so funny to see yourself that pregnant (big boobs and all!). Now back to what this is all about:

I was just discussing this with a client the other day and it comes up often: supplements during pregnancy. This is (in my opinion, I am not a doctor and with that said, always discuss with your doctor first) the most important supplement you should always take, pregnant or not! Feel free to watch my rambling about cod liver oil– which I used to take religiously during all 3 of my pregnancies. I do still take cod lover oil but have since switched to Green Pastures Fermented Cold Liver capsules. You could use Carlson’s Norwegian cold liver oil, which is good, but Green Pasture’s is higher quality.

Here’s what you need to look for when buying fish oil:

  1. It must be higher in DHA than EPA – the DHA is what can really help with brain function and development (and inflammation, but that’s another topic all it’s own!!)
  2. Cod Liver is one of the best sources.
  3. Most standard recommendations state around 400 mg, however, I’ve read enough research that recommends at least 1,000mg during and after pregnancy. Since baby is growing and developing rapidly and baby will take from you everything they need, you are the one left depleted.

Possible benefits of taking Cod Liver Oil (DHA):

  1. Increase baby’s brain development and function 
  2. Decrease your chances of postpartum depression
  3. Better brain function for you!
  4. Decreased inflammation (the root of all diseases!)

Be sure you continue to take your supplements while you breastfeed and beyond, forever and ever and ever….

Don’t wait any longer, it’s never to late to start taking DHA!


P.S. I’m not getting paid or making any money by promoting these companies– this one is just for my Mommas from me :-)




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Fabletics Your First Outfit $25 + FREE Shipping!


Making exercise a part of your routine is what Knocked-Up Fitness is all about — and I think it is super important to have workout outfits that are cute and comfortable, to get you excited to put them on and get sweating! I’m very excited to be a part of the Fabletics Masters Program too!


Fabletics offers a complete line of soft, comfortable exercise gear for a variety of activities.  You can complete their quick customer profile, where you choose what you like to wear, how you like to wear it, and the type of exercises you need your active wear to be suitable for — then choose from a variety of outfit options tailored just for you! The best part is Fabletics gear is super affordable and great quality, which is especially important for your changing pregnancy body! Plus, its great after baby when you’re working hard to return to your pre-baby body (or even better).



Visit the Fabletics Website to take advantage of getting your first outfit for only $25 + FREE SHIPPING!!!


 *   *   *   *   *   *   *

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Erica’s Fav Things

The Active Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide


Not sure what to get for the expecting or active mom? Check out these awesome products!




Knocked-Up Fitness T-Shirt, Prenatal + After Baby DVD’s (now available for instant access via Digital Streaming!)


Live Life Fit Food Scale + Blender Bottle by Fitlosophy


Accell Bag by Live Well 360 – makes a great diaper/mom bag too!


Fabletics Active Wear by Kate Hudson – enjoy 50% off your first order when you sign up!


Teecino – LOVE this non-tea / non-coffee / no Caffeine – great for pregnant & nursing mamas!


Have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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My Top 10 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating


That’s right, it’s free just for you! If you haven’t already received it through my newsletter then now’s your chance to download for free when you sign up here!


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Let’s Sweat for a Cause!

A close friend of mine, Angela,  recently lost her mother to a rare but very fast acting form of Leukemia. I myself could not believe it at all when it happened so suddenly. One day she told me about finding out her mom had cancer then within less then 3 weeks she had passed. Moms are our rock, I know mine is, especially after having 3 little ones. It’s nice to be able to call her when I just need to talk or need a little extra parenting advice when I’m running out of ideas…

To help Angela with her BIG Team In Training Fundraising goal, I’ll be teaching, along with a few other amazing trainers, a Bootcamp workout at the beach. I know many of you are not local but there are other ways you too can participate and help donate. See below for all the info.

bootcampIMAGE500Here’s the Facebook event link if you’d like to rsvp there & invite your friends.

I do and I know Angela, appreciates any donations that can help her reach her $50,000 goal!  The easiest is to purchase a TNT Fitbook. If you’ve never used a fitbook it’s a GREAT tool to keep your healthy eating and exercise goals on track (plus set new ones). Check them out here!

Thank You :-)





Erica’s Fav Things

Erica’s Fav Things: 10 Necessities for Newborns


I luv baby things, don’t you?  Part of the fun of being pregnant is getting to shop for (and receive) all those adorable accessories.  There are some things you need and some things you just want to have for your newborn when they arrive.  These are my Top 10 Newborn Favs:

1. Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket – I want one too! Can you say “warm & snuggly”?

2. Swaddle your little darling with these super soft Muslin Wraps from aden+anais

3. Who doesn’t like a 2-for-1?  Luv this Burp Cloth and Bib combo!

4. Honestly, these are the cutest diapers I’ve ever seen!  And eco-friendly too.

5. Gotta keep your baby super soft.  My fav lotion is California Baby Everyday Lotion.

6. And for any skin problems, Mum+Bub Soothing Ointment is the best!  I’ve used it on my son for his little eczema spots, for baby girls cradle cap, & my lips.

7. Baby girl LOVES her WubbaNub Kitty!

8. Even BPA free bottles don’t cut it with me!  I like to use these Glass Bottles from Dr Brown’s (drinks from anything plastic always taste a little ‘off’ to me).


9. Glass bottle sleeves – a must have for glass bottles, especially once your little one starts to hold the bottle herself.

10. And the cutest, coziest clothes around!

I know you and baby will love these as much as I do.  If you’re using any of these favs, I’d love to hear about it!

Erica’s Fav Things

Erica’s Fav Things: Diaper Bag Must-Haves for Moms


As a Mom, you have to be prepared for anything!  You always make sure you have whatever your kids need, but don’t forget what you need too!

These are my diaper bag must-haves that I never leave home without:

First, the bag itself is super important.  It’s got to have lots of pockets to keep everything organized, and be a great quality to handle the everyday wear and tear.  My fav bag is the Storksak Emily.

I love that the outside pockets on both sides of the bag are insulated, so it can keep a bottle cold for 3-4 hours!  Everything is easily accessible, and it’s made with nylon so you can just wipe it clean.  Plus, it’s stylish and could totally double as your purse (mine does!).

If you’re like me, your wallet probably bounces around between purses a lot.  I love my HOBO wallet because it lets you keep your ID separate, so it’s easy to get to when you need it!

I never leave home without my iPhone – I love that I always have a camera & video camera with me so I never miss a moment with my active kids!

I actually have the older model, but I'm ready to upgrade!

Degree 24hr motionSENSE deodorant.  Sound strange?  Maybe…but a girl’s gotta stay fresh at all times!  Especially in my line of work, when I run out the door at 5:45am & realize later that I forgot to put deodorant on!  So I always keep one in my bag.


Once you go polarized, you never go back.  I love my Ray Ban polarized sunglasses!

Last thing, my fav baby wrap from Moby.  There are so many ways you can wrap it, here’s one called the “hug” hold.

These are my faves, what are yours?