Mother’s Day Special!



Motherhood is an amazing thing, yet also can be challenging to take time for yourself – I know first hand and also through working with lots of mom’s how important your health is, and taking that little bit of time here and there to exercise regularly, eat healthy, enjoy a moment of silence or complete a sentence, ha! So now through May 10th enjoy this special Mother’s Day Package , or send as a gift to your girlfriend or sister you know would enjoy :-)

Happy Mother’s Day Mama! You are truly amazing!



21-Days to Creating New Healthy Habits {Video}




Getting Your Abs Back, part 2

Here’s part 2, to getting your abs back after baby, no matter how long it’s been. I’ve worked with many moms to know that even 20+ years later their deeper abs may still be weak.  Or really, they just never had someone to teach them how to reconnect these deep core muscles. For many moms this leads to that annoying low back pain, which I do believe for most can be prevented and can go away with proper exercises to strengthen your deeper abs.

First, be sure you’ve done part 1 of this series, click here. This will start you with basic but effective exercises. I know they may seem easy but do you really feel your deep abs working or is it your hips/low back/upper abs? Do them slowly.

Here’s part 2, your next exercises to continue strengthening your deeper abs.

Theses exercises along with part 1, are good exercises even if you do have some abdominal separation (aka Diastasis Recti). For more info on Diastasis Recti click here.

 Get those deep abs back, starting now!


P.S. remember to avoid crunches until you can reconnect with your deep core, or at least start to reconnect. Here’s that post to read more about why to avoid crunches right after baby. 




Heart Rate vs. The Talk Test



Q: What should my heart rate be when working out during pregnancy?


A: Out with the old & in with the new!  The problem with the old standard of staying under a heat rate of 140 beats per minute is that for some a heart rate of 140 beats per/min may be too intense, yet  not challenging enough for others. Especially if you were very active before pregnancy most can work out at a good intensity during*.


The NEW: Use The Talk Test. During pregnancy when you are working out you should still be able to carry on a light conversation, meaning at least a couple word sentences. If you are very breathy & can hardly speak, then you are working out too hard.

Always listen to you body!


*If your doctor has given you the OK to workout with no limitations then get your booty-moving, momma!


Prenatal DVD Workout Chart




1st Place – Parenting Awards 2012

She Knows 1stplace

A BIG thank you to everyone who voted for my Knocked-Up Fitness DVD’s! Not only did they place 1st but they are also Editor’s Choice

Thank You!


OC Baby Planner Event Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, Sunday May 22nd,  come join me at the OC Baby Planner Event at Granola Babies in Costa Mesa, CA from 11am-1pm.

Josie Brown will be reading from her novel “The Baby Planner”. There will be lots of great companies (& giveaways) there for all you momma’s-to-be!

I’m giving away 2 private prenatal or postnatal pilates or personal training sessions, so stop by the check it all out.


Hope to see  you there :-)



Bikini Ready Yet?

Check out my article “The Bikini Bod Workout”

Tight Bod with a Pod Fitness Tips and Healthy Bits for Moms by Moms!

What are your favorite exercises to get “Bikini Ready”