Exercising During Pregnancy Can Help Prepare You for Life as a Mom! {Video}

This is a must-watch live hangout video! Watch as Erin from Fit Bottomed Mamas, Amelia from Eating Made Easy and I  cover LOTS of info about exercising during and after pregnancy and how it can help prepare you for life as a mom. Plus, we also shared some “not-discussed” tips about motherhood ;-)

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Importance of Exercising During Pregnancy {Video}

See what Erin from and I had to say about the importance of exercising during pregnancy. We give lots of great tips for fitting in exercise, plus common questions, and a quick glimpse into my new book “The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy”!

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Keep on moving mama! You’ll be happy you did :-)


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7-Day Strong Mama Challenge


Sign-ups for the 7-Day Strong Mama Challenge are now closed but you can check out the videos below and join in on the challenge on Facebook and Instagram !!!

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Check out my current 7-Day #StrongMama Challenge below:

Day 7: Curtsy Lunges, love yourself! Write what you love most about you! & be sure to watch the end of today’s video :-)

Day 6: Side Lying Leg Press, it’s all about the hips, plus today’s another giveaway day!

Day 5: Side Planks (3 variations), Feel Your Best!


Day 4: Hips + Circles, Move Your Body!


Day 3: Kneeling Circles plus, “What makes you strong?”


Day 2: Squats + Rotations plus, “I love being strong because___________?”


Day 1: Squats

Join my 7-Day #StrongMama Challenge starting this Friday April 4th! I have put together a series of 7 short videos to break down some of my favorite (& functional) exercises that are great for you during pregnancy and beyond! Even if it’s been years since you had your last baby you can greatly benefit from my additional explanation and tips I’ll be giving both in my videos and each day in my newsletters. Plus just for joining at the end of day 7 I’ll send you a FREE printable with some of my favorite blog posts that I have put together because they are the most pinned, viewed and shared posts! PLUS I have an extra bonus I’ll share with you on day 7!!!






All you have to do to participate is each day post an image of you doing my daily exercise or your workout or repost my daily image on Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #StrongMama. Can’t wait to have you join me!!!!

See you Friday!!!


P.S. I might just have some giveaways too…


Bump & Beyond Booty Sculpting Workout {Video}


You are going to love my new “Bump & Beyond Booty Sculpting Workout” video! I get requests for more butt exercises all the time and many women feel like they lose their butt or it flattens during and after pregnancy – so stop right now and get your booty moving with over 20 minutes of tightening and toning exercises that you can do throughout your pregnancy, and after baby too. There are also some modifications so be sure to follow those–especially if you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester and not comfortable on your back.
Now what are you waiting for – get moving you hot mama!

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*Always be sure to have your physicians approval to exercise both during pregnancy and again after baby*



Keep up that awesome hard work and it is ok to take time out for yourself to take care of “you”!



Importance of DHA During & After Pregnancy! {Video}

I came across this video the other day and had totally forgotten about ever filming it (over 2 years ago that is!). I was very pregnant – like 40 weeks pregnant – with baby #3! You can have a good laugh with me – so funny to see yourself that pregnant (big boobs and all!). Now back to what this is all about:

I was just discussing this with a client the other day and it comes up often: supplements during pregnancy. This is (in my opinion, I am not a doctor and with that said, always discuss with your doctor first) the most important supplement you should always take, pregnant or not! Feel free to watch my rambling about cod liver oil– which I used to take religiously during all 3 of my pregnancies. I do still take cod lover oil but have since switched to Green Pastures Fermented Cold Liver capsules. You could use Carlson’s Norwegian cold liver oil, which is good, but Green Pasture’s is higher quality.

Here’s what you need to look for when buying fish oil:

  1. It must be higher in DHA than EPA – the DHA is what can really help with brain function and development (and inflammation, but that’s another topic all it’s own!!)
  2. Cod Liver is one of the best sources.
  3. Most standard recommendations state around 400 mg, however, I’ve read enough research that recommends at least 1,000mg during and after pregnancy. Since baby is growing and developing rapidly and baby will take from you everything they need, you are the one left depleted.

Possible benefits of taking Cod Liver Oil (DHA):

  1. Increase baby’s brain development and function 
  2. Decrease your chances of postpartum depression
  3. Better brain function for you!
  4. Decreased inflammation (the root of all diseases!)

Be sure you continue to take your supplements while you breastfeed and beyond, forever and ever and ever….

Don’t wait any longer, it’s never to late to start taking DHA!


P.S. I’m not getting paid or making any money by promoting these companies– this one is just for my Mommas from me :-)





Pregnancy Side Stretch {Video}

This side stretch feels amazing during and after pregnancy (& beyond really). A great stretch if you have middle or low back tightness. Check it out and let me know what you think.

*Always be sure your physician has approved you for exercise before beginning any exercise program*

Keep up the hard work!


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Stay Fit & Healthy During Pregnancy with Knocked-Up Fitness


The path to regaining your pre-baby body begins during pregnancy.

Knocked-Up Fitness(R) is designed to be an effective &  fun way for expecting moms to stay active and in shape through all stages of pregnancy. The program includes a variety of exercises that specifically target and strengthen deep core muscles safely. Strengthening deep core muscles helps prepare your body for labor, delivery and recovery.

prenatal_program_templateDVD 1: Pilates-Infused Fitness

Discover the challenge and many benefits of this unique Prenatal Pilates-Infused Fitness program that fuses Pilates, cardio, and conditioning exercises for safe, effective and customized fitness. Mix and match the 5 different workouts to form your favorite routines!

DVD 2: Prenatal Core Pilates Workouts
True core building moves focus on the deep muscle of the abdominals. Discover how to safely strengthen your core and protect your baby with these unique Prenatal Core Pilates workouts — a mix of Core Cardio, Pilates, Yoga, and other fitness exercises.

Equipment needed for these workouts includes: an exercise ball, a light resistance band (included), a light pair of 2-3 lb. dumbbells (optional, but recommended), and a pillow (optional).

Available in a 2 DVD set (which includes a FREE exercise band) & now via Digital Streaming!


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Lose the Baby Weight with Erica Ziel


Whether you’ve just had a baby or it’s been many years, these workouts (10 of them!) are designed to get you feeling great and looking amazing!  From Knocked-Up to Knock Out workouts focus on toning, sculpting, and conditioning your entire body, with an emphasis on strengthening your pelvic floor and deep core muscles.


With over 2 hours of workouts, you can mix and match your favorites and go from Knocked Up to Knock Out!

Including beginner and intermediate workouts with core exercises that focus on kegels, not crunches. Tone your whole body with workouts that include arm sculpting, functional squats and full-body, Pilates-infused exercises.

Once you are ready, you will be motivated to move onto the intermediate and advanced workouts. Challenge your core while rebuilding your abdominal strength with workouts that include: butt and leg sculpting, plyo exercises, cardio intervals, and advanced full-body, Pilates-infused exercises.

A Bonus Workout Booklet (downloadable printout with digital purchase) includes 18 ways you can mix and match the workouts to form your own custom beginner, intermediate, or advanced workouts plus Erica’s best tips on going from Knocked-up to Knock Out!”

Available in a 2 DVD set & Digital Streaming!

As always, be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program and be sure to sign up for the

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