Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom: Getting Rid of the Belly Bulge! {Video}

As moms, we lead the busiest of lives. We’re not just on the job for 40 hours a week, or even 60. We work tirelessly 24/7 to raise our children, care for our family, run errands, and work. With such a full plate, it feels nearly impossible to find time for ourselves and our own health.

Well I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to make crazy changes to your schedule in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It starts with once again, the basics – posture. Postural changes can be made without taking away any time with your kids or husband! Simply changing the way you sit, stand, and carry yourself not only can relieve neck, back, and joint pain, but also turns on your deep core, which helps us get rid of that belly bulge. And if you’re pregnant, having a strong deep core during pregnancy makes it easier to regain that flat belly after baby. Watch my video below to see how you can improve posture with my simple tips, and be on your way to your pre-pregnancy glory (or better)!

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Let’s get the word out! There are a lot of moms and families out there and I want to help as many as I possibly can. Little changes to your lifestyle really can make a BIG IMPACT on both you and your family. Not to mention all the great habits you are building for your little ones, so share on…

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How Soon Can I Workout After Baby? {Video}

I can’t tell you how often I get asked… “How soon can I workout now that I’ve had my baby?”

Watch my video below for my detailed answer to this…


Now that you’ve had your little one(s) and are ready to get back to your workouts (or at least in the near future anyways), my Functional Pilates-Infused Workouts are designed for you to get your body back! With gradual (yet challenging) progressional workouts that’ll leave you feeling sore in all the right places the next day, plus I address diastasis recti and include some short videos talking about those first steps to getting your abs back after baby. Because, yes, crunches can make diastasis worse (or I should say “will” make worse). You must work your middle slowly and gradually strengthen, especially if this is baby #2 or beyond for you. Taking care of yourself is the first step to being the best mom you can be! I know it’s challenging and you may feel like you have no time to workout but take even just 10 minutes (or more if you can) most days of the week to feel (and look) your best! You deserve it mama!

Functional Pilates-Infused Workouts are available in both DVD and instant (unlimited) access via digital streaming too.

After Baby Program w/ DVDs


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My 3rd Pregnancy {Being Induced}

My 3rd Pregnancy gave me an introduction to induction. While I was nervous at first to be induced, I researched my options and embraced the induction process. I’m thankful for my healthy baby girl. Watch the video below for the full story, with lots of information about being induced!

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Episiotomies, Epidurals & Exercise {Video}

There are many important things to consider about episiotomies and epidurals as you enter your pregnancy, and specifically your labor process. Watch the video below to learn more on episiotomies & epidurals, and to learn how exercise plays a part in this.

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My 2nd Pregnancy {Push Prep}

Though my second pregnancy was fairly easy, my second time going into labor took a scary turn when my son’s heart rate dropped with each push. Watch the video below to hear how exercising and my Push Prep helped saved me from an emergency C-Section.

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My Segment on “A Healthy You & Carol Alt” Fox News Show {Video}


What a great trip I had to NYC a couple weeks ago and one of the cool things I had the opportunity to do was to be a guest on Carol Alt’s Fox News show, “A Healthy You & Carol Alt”! So much fun and I got to do what I love to do, share my message about exercising and staying healthy and fit during and after pregnancy. Check out the video below:

The benefits to staying active during pregnancy are endless and you will be so thankful you put in the hard work now as it can pay off tremendously both during labor and after baby forever. Move Your Body as often as you can :-)



The Importance of Your Transverse Abdominals {Video}

Check out my new video below on Deep Core Strengthening. Learn the importance of your Transverse Abdominals and how they can impact your pregnancy, labor, and beyond!

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Healthy Product Talk with Mommy Greenest

I was super excited to meet with Rachel from Mommy Greenest to talk all about healthy and “green” habits/products you should be using to live a healthier lifestyle! Not just for you but for your family too. It’s amazing when you stop to think about what toxins are all around us and with some small changes we can greatly decrease those toxins. So watch my interview with Rachel and I’d love for you to leave a comment below and share you’re own healthy habits/products you love as well.

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Check out The Honest Company here, I have been using their products since they first came out when my 3rd was born and have LOVED their products!

For more from Rachel check out her blog here.

Check out the Environmental Workout Group here.