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Your Postpartum Questions Answered!


Wrap Battle | What Wrap Does Your Core Need After Baby?


Kids Nutrition, Health & Development

This episode is all about bringing awareness around the importance of kids nutrition. I encourage you to be open minded as bring up topics that I feel don’t get talked about enough (many [...]


Phasing Through Life With Deanne Ziadie

The time got away from Didi and I’s conversation about how the cycles of the moon can relate to your cycle. Energies flow from all around us, we need to pay attention to which ones are telling us [...]


The Guide to Survive Motherhood: Newborn Edition


EXERCISE TIPS | Reach + Curls

At Knocked-Up Fitness, we are all about strengthening your deep core and keeping it STRONG! As moms, it is hard for us to fit exercise into our busy lifestyle. With these reach + curls, it allows [...]


6 Diastasis Recti Questions Answered with Erica Ziel

I am excited to open up conversation about diastasis recti because I get a ton of questions regarding this subject. Because there is mixed information out there, this topic can be [...]