“Meeting and training with Erica gave me a great workout, and workout plan to stay motivated during my pregnancy. Most significantly, Erica was so understanding and encouraging that I felt confident to work out, stay healthy, and feeling at peace with my pregnancy. Staying fit made me feel more energized during my pregnancy and my recovery was smooth. I was able to have a natural birth and thirty minute push time! Thank you Erica for your expertise and encouraging spirit!


Is this you right now?

You feel tired and exhausted all the time

Your back constantly hurts

You feel bloated and unattractive

You feel lethargic and unmotivated to exercise (even if you usually love it)

You miss feeling athletic and in shape

Are you scared of giving birth? 


I know how you feel, as a mother of 3 I have gone through all the ups and downs of pregnancy and realized how much the right exercise helped me to feel good in my body and full of vitality again!

Imagine saying good-bye to back–aches, bad sleep, low energy …I have the solution which is my Pilates infused fitness method. I’m a big believer in Pilates because the focus is on strengthening your core and deeper muscles, which can greatly impact the strength of your entire body. I believe the stronger your deeper muscles and fascial connections are, the stronger the rest of your entire body is. It’s all connected so it does matter!

Plus my Pilates infused fitness style of training can greatly help a mom have a stronger pregnancy and in turn could greatly impact her delivery and recovery. After having my first two babies, it hit me that I have always loved training pregnant mamas, even before ever being pregnant.

In college I found myself doing research papers having something to do with pregnancy. It’s fascinating what the pregnant body is capable of! erica-ziel-sigI first started Knocked-Up Fitness as a blog for pregnant mamas, but when I became pregnant with my third baby, I knew I wanted to reach more moms than just the ones I trained in the studio. So it was then that my Knocked Up Fitness Prenatal Pilates-Infused Fitness DVD’s became a reality!

“During my pregnancy, Erica’s training definitely made me stay strong & toned. It was also incredible that my sciatica pain was drastically diminished as well which has a higher chance to flair while pregnant. My push time during delivery was minutes long and the nurses/OB were shocked that a first delivery push was less than 10 mins. I feel that I have recovered post delivery much quicker due to my stregnth and at 15 weeks after my son’s due date am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you, Erica!

~Christina, mom to one

See What Erica Can Do For You!

Let me help you have a fabulous pregnancy too with my coaching & training combo program! This program is designed to work via Skype video sessions so you can bring me right into the comfort of your home and I can be your personal support system and your dedicated fitness trainer to make sure your mind and body are strong to ensure that your pregnancy- and delivery – is a beautiful experience. If you know that going to the fitness centre is not your thing, or you are looking to work with a leading expert in prenatal fitness, then we are meant to work together!

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I trained with Erica during all 3 of my pregnancies and was amazed at how it helped me develop the right core muscles for pushing during labor. I had short labors {all under 30-minutes!} and quick recoveries because of it! Erica provides so much helpful information about labor, deliver, and recovery that I wouldn’t have known otherwise!

~Heather, mom of three

How Does It Work:

  • 6 or 12, one-hour private Skype or FaceTime training and coaching sessions
  • Erica will be available for you via email between sessions
  • Recommended to schedule your sessions once each week
  • Learn how to move optimally from your core
  • Properly engage your deep core muscles
  • Get rid of aches and pains
  • Back pain doesn’t have to come along with pregnancy and motherhood
  • Improve your strength and posture
  • Prepare your body for birth and delivery – learn to push effectively
  • Erica will teach you how to minimize diastasis recti  during pregnancy  with the possibility of actually decreasing separation too!
  • Plus she’s there to help answer your pregnancy and postpartum questions, and be there to guide you through all those changes that come with pregnancy and postpartum
  • Individualized nutrition coaching to help keep your eating habits on track {healthy weight gain during pregnancy and healthy weight loss postpartum}
  • Your investment is 6 sessions {$1,500} or 12 sessions {$2,495} in your personalized coaching and training program

“Erica is a phenomenal prenatal trainer. Her workouts pushed me, but she was always aware of my limits and always open to and aware of modifications for my body as my pregnancies progressed. I ended up with preeclampsia my first pregnancy and I believe that because I was under Erica’s training my delivery went much smoother than it would have. The actual push time was less than 10 minutes both pregnancies. I have Erica to thank for that, as well as minimal down time after delivering. Anyone who is considering working with her during their pregnancy should sign up because she will help keep you motivated and help you bounce back after delivery. She is truly an expert in this field!!

~Kathy, mom of two

Apply for you FREE 30-minute consultation

“As an pilates reformer enthusiast, I immediately sought Erica’s knowledge and training as an expecting mother. While working out with Erica, she personalized each workout during each stage of pregnancy, often modifying my workouts on a weekly basis. As a result of my training, I remained physically and mentally prepared for my labor and delivery {less than 30-minutes of pushing} and had a speedy recovery.

~Alicia, mom to one

Keen to get these kind of results?

  • Less aches and pains
  • Feeling full of energy
  • A quick and easy delivery
  • Feeling confident in your changing body
  • Recovery more easily after baby
  • Be prepared for the physical demands of motherhood
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