Knocked-Up Fitness® is designed to be an effective, fun way for expecting moms to stay active and in shape through all stages of pregnancy. The program includes a variety of pregnancy workouts that specifically target and strengthen deep core muscles safely. Strengthening deep core muscles helps prepare your body for labor, delivery and recovery.


“Erica is one of my favorite prenatal (and postnatal!) experts, and I adore her book. It’s clear, straightforward and fun – it’s comprehensive without being overwhelming. Any mom-to-be who wants to stay fit and have a better labor will love it!”
— Anna Maltby, fitness editor, Fit Pregnancy

Prenatal 2 DVD set + Exercise Band

Mix & match the 7 pregnancy workouts to form your own, each workout is 8 to 20 minute long. Plus includes a bonus video teaching how to properly engage your deep core muscles which could help you have an easier pregnancy and delivery and faster recovery, not to mention helping with incontinence many mom’s face (but don’t talk about).

After Baby 2 DVD set + Bonus Booklet

Focus on toning, sculpting, and conditioning your entire body, with an emphasis on strengthening your pelvic floor and deep core muscles. Whether you’ve just had a baby or it’s been many years, these workouts are designed to get you feeling your best and looking amazing! Includes a bonus workout booklet to give you an additional guide to mix & match the 10 workouts (over 2 hours that is!).

The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy Book (full color pages and includes over 50 exercises + bonus after baby section!)

Learn more about the Push Prep Method to prepare your body for an easier delivery and faster recovery, exercises to address common pregnancy discomforts: Round ligament * Back * Hips * Neck * Sciatic, methods for addressing diastasis recti (abdominal separation), and safe and effective pregnancy workouts and exercises to stay fit in as little as 10 minutes a day so you may have a faster delivery, healthier baby, and quicker return to your pre-baby body.

Bonus: Your first steps to getting your body back after baby!


“I think both of these DVDs are great! I am very active when not pregnant and it has been a struggle with all of my pregnancies — I’m on my 3rd — to find prenatal fitness DVDs that are challenging enough. These are a good challenge but not so tough that anyone can’t do them. Erica explains each exercise very well and does a good job of balancing cardio, strength, and stretching. I would recommend these to anyone!
— Lesli Washington

“I have an 8 month old, and I’m just now starting to get back in shape. A lot of the after-baby workouts I find are a lot of cardio, and I really can’t do those right now (nursing), but this DVD is great. There’s no impact, but the constant movement from one position to another still gets your heart rate up. There are several workouts (including options for advanced users), and an enclosed booklet that helps structure which ones you do and when. Each workout is no longer than 25 minutes, which is great when you have a baby. There’s also an option to play the video with music only, without the instructor’s commentary. One of the best workout DVDs I’ve seen. Highly recommended.
— Leila Hayes

The path to regaining your pre-baby body begins during pregnancy.


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