• Prenatal Cardio Workout {19 min.}
  • Prenatal Core Workout {15 min.}
  • Prenatal Arm Sculpting Workout {18 min.}
  • Bump & Beyond Booty Sculpting Workout {22 min.}
  • Postural Alignment Video {11 min.} (Erica breaks down important components of several exercises and discusses form, alignment and posture.)

There Is No Time Like Now To Get Fit & Healthy


When it comes to prenatal and postnatal fitness, Erica Ziel’s Knocked-Up Fitness Programs have proven results.


Prenatal Sculpt, fitness for the active mom-to-be allows you to customize your daily routine from any one (or a combination) of 4 full workouts; cardio, core, arms, and booty sculpting, plus additional training to master performance of key exercises with proper form and postural alignment. Each of the workouts are designed to strengthen, tone and sculpt your entire body– and target those deep core muscles.


Workout with expert prenatal and postnatal fitness trainer and Pilates instructor Erica Ziel, at the beach. Staying active during pregnancy has tremendous benefits, so keeping your body strong throughout pregnancy you can help you achieve a more comfortable pregnancy, an easier, faster delivery and recovery!



  • I'm in the 2nd trimester of my second pregnancy, with a 10 month old, and as a sleepy, busy mom on the go, this workout DVD is perfect! I used to run up to 30 miles a week and did hours of strength training a week, so with my last pregnancy it was a big challenge to find decent prenatal workout videos for someone with a higher fitness level. I have purchased about 15 of them, and this is one of my favorites. This is not the most challenging of some that I have, but it is challenging enough, and the best thing as that they are 15-20 minutes each so you can do multiple workouts in one day or repeat the same workout twice if you're up for it. The coaches make instructions easy for those who are newer to working out, but absolutely don't over explain. They are very pleasant to listen to which makes the workout more enjoyable. Highly recommend!!

    Dolly Spice on Amazon
  • This is a tough but doable workout for mother's to be. Erica does a good job explaining the moves and her back up partner is well into her pregnancy and shows all the modifications if your advanced in your pregnancy. I am in my second trimester and it works me out without me getting tired which I like. Definitely recommend.

    Amazon Customer
  • My mom introduced me to Erica Ziel's Prenatal Sculpt DVD and I have never felt better. Through Erica Ziel, I have found a healthy balance to my very busy routine. From arm sculpting to improved posture, she covers it all. The best part is that my comfort level pre and post pregnancy has never been better. I recommend Erica to all moms because Erica makes being healthy a way of life that is easy to maintain.

    Laura on Amazon
  • I can't say enough about how much I LOVED this DVD for staying fit throughout my second pregnancy!! I religiously did the core workout at least 3 times a week (also love the other segments but my core was my biggest concern) and had a super fast, easy labor and delivery! It was completely unlike my first labor and delivery and I attribute this to keeping my muscles strong for pushing thanks to Erica's instruction! I'm now 8 weeks postpartum and had a dream recovery! Now I'm using Erica Ziel's Postbaby workouts (along with this prenatal sculpt still bc all the workouts are also great for postpartum fitness!) and couldn't be happier!

    Amazon Customer
  • Erica Ziel is amazing. Through her programs (I love this one specifically) I was able to become extremely educated and informed about my body and I still follow her routines and advice years after the birth of my baby. I recommend this product to women of all ages and stages. Erica is a wonderful source of knowledge and makes health and exercise easy and fun!

    Amazon Customer
  • Erica is a prenatal fitness expert who truly understands the various needs of the evolving pregnant woman's body. The Prenatal Sculpt DVD is undoubtedly one of the best at-home fitness DVDs geared to sculpt, tone, and maintain the physique through a variation of activities, which can be customized to meet each soon-to-be mom's needs. I personally love that the workouts can be tailored through each stage of pregnancy (modifications for later in the pregnancy) while providing a emphasis on specific target areas - core, arms, booty- that will help to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery. As a busy, working soon-to-be first time mommy I highly recommend this DVD to those of you who desire an overall great workout that can easily be incorporated into any daily routine.

    Alicia Gallegos on Amazon
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