Knocked-Up Fitness Digital Prenatal Program


Pregnancy is an exciting time in life! Let Knocked Up Fitness provide you with safe and effective workouts for your pregnancy including the Knocked Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy eBook that will teach you Erica’s Push Prep method and how to properly strengthen your deep core muscles which could help you have an easier pregnancy, less aches and pains, push your baby out more quickly! Plus bounce back easier after baby, not to mention the life-long benefits of having a strong core.

The Digital Prenatal Program Includes:

  • 14 Workouts {Digital Streaming}
  • Over 2 1/2 hours of workouts
  • Knocked Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy eBook {Downloadable PDF}
  • 4 Postural Improvement Videos
  • 21-days of Healthy Lifestyle Emails, Recipes, Menu Planning and Grocery Lists
  • 50+ Family Friendly Recipes {Downloadable PDF}
  • Coaching Calls with the Knocked Up Fitness Creator
  • Week-by-week Pregnancy Guide to Your Inbox


Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy ebook


  • Over 50 exercises!
  • Erica’s Push Prep Method to help prepare your body for an easier delivery and faster recovery.
  • Exercises to address common pregnancy discomforts such as; round ligament, back, hips, neck, sciatic
  • Methods for addressing diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • Safe and effective exercises to stay fit in as little as 10 minutes a day so you may have a faster delivery, healthier baby, and quicker return to your pre-baby body.
  • Plus a bonus section: Your first steps to getting your body back after baby.


Free yourself from the DVD player and work out anytime, anywhere with exclusive, unlimited access to digital streaming online Prenatal Pilates-Infused Workouts and Prenatal Sculpt Workouts.

Mix and match the workouts from the Prenatal Pilates-Infused Workouts  and the NEW Prenatal Sculpt Workouts to create your favorite workout routines, and safely strengthen your core.

  • Over 60 exercises and trimester specific workout menus that give you guidance for workouts during each trimester, as well as tips along the way.
  • Includes 7 workouts from the Prenatal Pilates-Infused  DVDs workouts in printable PDF form — great to have when you don’t have access to the videos or just want to pick & choose the exercises you enjoy doing.
  • Includes the bonus segment video about Erica’s “Push Prep” technique.
  • New Prenatal Sculpt workouts include over 70 minutes of workouts and an additional video where Erica breaks down some of her favorite prenatal exercises and talks about alignment and posture.


Prenatal Sculpt  {Digital Streaming Access}:

All with safe core exercises to help prevent/minimize diastasis recti.


  • Prenatal Cardio Workout {19 min.}
  • Prenatal Core Workout {15 min.}
  • Prenatal Arm Sculpting Workout {18 min.}
  • Bump & Beyond Booty Sculpting Workout {22 min.}
  • Postural Alignment Video {11 min.} (Erica breaks down important components of several exercises and discusses form, alignment and posture.)

Good posture and properly engaging your deep core muscles play an important role in repairing diastasis recti and minimizing further separation, all a big message throughout all the Prenatal Sculpt workouts.



Healthy Lifestyle Guides & 21-day Meal Planning:

3 hours of Recorded Coaching Calls with Erica

  •  Listen to them at your own convenience!
  •  More ways to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle.
  •  Yes, you can eat delicious food and be healthy too!
  •  Let’s tackle concerns with Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)- because you CAN do something about it!
  •  Decrease your stress, even with a busy lifestyle.
  •  Find time for you!
  •  Hormones, Adrenals, Thyroid, Insulin, and so much more!

21-days of meal planning

  • Including 21-days of daily inspiration in your inbox
  • Family friendly recipes!
  • Over 50 recipes
  •  Including weekly menu plan, recipes and grocery lists
  •  Options for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian
  •  Plus extra recipes, and ideas for your kids too!

21-days of workouts

  •  Receive daily workout suggestions
  •  Pregnant mamas; you’ll receive Erica’s schedule for quick, yet safe and effective exercises and workouts that can help you move and feel your best during pregnancy all while preparing your body for delivery and life after baby. With exercises and workouts that are safe for your core to help minimize/prevent diastasis recti including modifications for some of the more challenging core exercises.
  • Plus learn simple release techniques to help with low back and hip pain.

Here’s one of Erica’s videos’ where she discusses sugar and some healthy eating tips that can give you a glimpse of what you can learn in the nutrition portion of her program>

Receive exclusive access to Erica’s private FB group so you can find other like-minded healthy mama’s to connect with, ask questions and more!

Equipment recommended: a mat, an exercise band, an exercise ball, light dumbbells (2-4 lbs.), and heavier dumbbells (5+ lbs.).

*Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.*


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