Personalized Online Training with Erica Ziel


Erica is available for personalized health coaching, consulting and training sessions via Skype. She can help put together a plan whether it be for your workouts, diastasis recti recovery and/or nutrition. As a mom of three and expert pre/postnatal fitness specialist she has the personal experience along with her knowledge of working with many, many mom’s and a variety of clients from youth to professional athletes!



Within 24 hours of  payment Erica will be in touch to schedule your one-on-one sessions. In the meantime please fill out the google doc that comes with your confirmation email. The more Erica know’s about you, your goals, and questions, the better she will be able to help you during your skype sessions.

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Skype Sessions

30 min. Skype Session $97, 60 min Skype Session $150, 5, 45 min. Skype Sessions $550, 10, 45 min Skype Sessions $950, 20, 45 min. Skype Sessions $1,800


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