Prenatal Sculpt DVD + Digital


Prenatal Sculpt DVD + Digital Streaming Workouts!

“Fitness for the Active mom-to-be”

Includes over 60 minutes of workouts!


Workouts are also available digital streaming only here or purchase the entire Knocked-Up Fitness Workout Program here.

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  • Prenatal Cardio Workout {19 min.}
  • Prenatal Core Workout {15 min.}
  • Prenatal Arm Sculpting Workout {18 min.}
  • Bump & Beyond Booty Sculpting Workout {22 min.}
  • Postural Alignment Video {11 min.} (Erica breaks down important components of several exercises and discusses form, alignment and posture.)


There Is No Time Like Now To Get Fit & Healthy

When it comes to prenatal and postnatal fitness, Erica Ziel’s Knocked-Up Fitness Programs have proven results.

Prenatal Sculpt, fitness for the active mom-to-be allows you to customize your daily routine from any one (or a combination) of 4 full workouts; cardio, core, arms, and booty sculpting, plus additional training to master performance of key exercises with proper form and postural alignment. Each of the workouts are designed to strengthen, tone and sculpt your entire body– and target those deep core muscles.

Workout with expert prenatal and postnatal fitness trainer and Pilates instructor Erica Ziel, at the beach. Staying active during pregnancy has tremendous benefits, so keeping your body strong throughout pregnancy you can help you achieve a more comfortable pregnancy, an easier, faster delivery and recovery!

Equipment recommended: a mat, light dumbbells (2-4 lbs.), and heavier dumbbells (5+ lbs.).

*Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.*



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