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Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery Postpartum No Matter How Long It’s Been Since You’ve Had Your Little One!

Learn how to properly strengthen your core, improve how you feel physically and emotionally, boost your confidence, have a speedier delivery, and an easier recovery!

Including the Knocked-Up Fitness® + Core Rehab Program; this Prenatal + Postnatal Membership is designed to be a one-stop shop for women who are thinking about getting pregnant, are currently pregnant or are postpartum and beyond.

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Nancy P

After having my second child, I had a mild to severe case of diastasis recti. My abs had separated severely after I had my son (second child) a year ago, which left me with a donut like bulge around my belly button. For someone who use to live in bikinis, I was forced to wear one pieces and clothing that never showed my mid section. I had lost my confidence and felt very embarrassed about showing my stomach. I had talked to a plastic surgeon about getting a tummy tuck, but decided to give Ericas “Core Rehab” Plan one last shot. After dedicating myself completely to the program for three full months and switching my diet, the gap between my abs has closed dramatically! I am back on the beach playing volleyball in bikinis, recovered from diastasis recti without surgery, and I owe it all to Erica! You’re a sexy-saver!!!

Nancy P

Erica is a prenatal fitness expert who truly understands the various needs of the evolving pregnant woman’s body. The Prenatal Sculpt DVD is undoubtedly one of the best at-home fitness DVDs geared to sculpt, tone, and maintain the physique through a variation of activities, which can be customized to meet each soon-to-be mom’s needs. I personally love that the workouts can be tailored through each stage of pregnancy (modifications for later in the pregnancy) while providing a emphasis on specific target areas – core, arms, booty- that will help to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery. As a busy, working soon-to-be first time mommy I highly recommend this DVD to those of you who desire an overall great workout that can easily be incorporated into any daily routine.

Alicia Gallegos on Amazon

Just did my first knocked up fitness routine – cardio and core – and I feel amazing! I love the moves, they are slow but deep and I really worked up a sweat. The workouts are quick but thorough, even offers some stretching while strengthening. I feel like I got a total body workout that feels so good! No jumping or jostling and gives modifications for 3rd trimester bellies! I’m so happy I found this workout!!! I wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner or someone who wasn’t already in decent shape before they got pregnant. This is a must have for a FIT MAMA!!!

Narayani Margaret on Amazon

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