• "I trained with Erica during all 3 of my pregnancies and was amazed at how it helped me develop the right core muscles for pushing during labor. I had short labors and quick recoveries because of it! Erica provides so much helpful information about labor, deliver, and recovery that I wouldn't have known otherwise!"

    Heather L.
    Heather L. Stay at home mom
  • "During my pregnancy, Erica's training definitely made me stay strong & toned. It was also incredible that my sciatica pain was drastically diminished as well which has a higher chance to flair while pregnant. Additionally my push time during delivery was minutes long and the nurses/OB were shocked that a first delivery push was less than 10 mins. I feel that I have recovered post delivery much quicker due to my strength and at 15 weeks after my son's due date am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you, Erica!"

    Christina H.
    Christina H. Laguna Beach, CA
  • “Erica is one of my favorite prenatal (and postnatal!) fitness experts, and I adore her book. It’s clear, straightforward and fun – and it’s comprehensive without being overwhelming. Any mom-to-be who wants to stay fit and have a better labor will love it!”

    Anna Maltby Fitness Editor, Fit Pregnancy
  • “I did your videos all through my first pregnancy (5-6 times a week) along with lots of walking and yoga. I pushed my baby out in three pushes! The midwives said they had never seen anything like it. I told them about doing your videos and building strength throughout the 9 months and they now have your videos in their lending library. My belly also recovered quickly and although a bit mushy fit back into my jeans 10 day postpartum. I’m 3 months along with baby #2 and feeling great doing your videos. Thanks for helping all of us take better care of ourselves during pregnancy!”

  • Erica incorporates exercises to strengthen your deep core muscles, which can help you have both a smoother pregnancy and delivery, along with a faster recovery.

    Dr. Gigi Kroll M.D. OB/GYN.
  • The best thing about Erica is that she is a mom of 3 herself and has been through the “labor pains and discomforts” of being pregnant. She makes working out during pregnancy fun and worth it!

    Laura V.
  • It’s really important to me that I stay fit and active during pregnancy…I was glad to discover Knocked-Up Fitness DVDs. They’re challenging enough so that I stay toned but completely safe for expectant moms. I’m using the DVDs a few times a week now to stay in shape for myself—and for my baby.

    Irene Chang Kwon Working Mother Magazine
  • I am not one that works out on a regular basis, so I was looking for something that would challenge me, but also be easy on me because I am pregnant and didn’t exercise regularly before I was pregnant. I got these as a Christmas gift, and LOVE them! Erica is amazing! She talks to you through the work out, and the work outs are just what I was looking for! I feel so good after I do them. If you are looking for a workout for you and you little baby, I recommend these videos!

  • I’ve always loved small group pilates classes and when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to keep it up. A friend of mine posted about these videos on facebook, so I thought I would give them a try. I had never done a pilates video before, and they have exceeded my expectations. Some days its just not possible to get to class, and these videos have proven to be just as good. Plus, I love knowing that when the baby comes, and my schedule might leave me more restricted to my home, I can do these to get back in to shape. Whether you’re a pilates snob or a novice, these videos work.

    Monica Paull
  • I have an 8 month old, and I’m just now starting to get back in shape. I had been looking for a video, since I live in Texas and it is way too hot to do anything outside. A lot of the after baby workouts are a lot of cardio, and I really can’t do those right now (nursing). But this DVD is great. There’s no impact, but the constant movement from one position to another still gets your heart rate up. There are several workouts (including options for more advanced users), and an enclosed booklet helps structure which ones you do when. Each workout is no longer than 25 minutes, which is great when you have a baby. There’s also an option to play the video with music only, without the instructor’s commentary. One of the best workout DVD’s I’ve seen. Highly recommended.

    Leila Hayes
  • I have purchased a couple other prenatal fitness books in the past and this one is by far my favorite! I love the pictures and how easy it is to understand. The step by step guides throughout the book make it easy to put together a realistic workout. I love the many tips throughout the book and I also love how it is broken down into trimesters, giving lots of specific information about what to expect and work on during each period of pregnancy. It's also really nice to have someone explain things about pregnancy that you often don't hear enough about, (but are so important), like strengthening your pelvic floor, abdominal separation, preparation for pushing during labor, "5 things moms wish they had been told," and what to expect after baby. I'm so glad Erica Ziel put this book together! I plan to give this book as a gift to friends and recommend it to anyone wanting to stay fit during and after pregnancy.

    Heather Hansen on Amazon
  • This book is excellent! My first pregnancy I gained way too much weight and wasn't active at all. I am trying for baby #2 and vowed to be healthy this time around (which is why I bought the book) and already I feel way more knowledgeable and confident that my pregnancy is going to be SO much better than the last one. This book is LOADED with tips and workouts (that I can do now, and when I am pregnant again, as well as after) and it’s a really easy to understand. I definitely recommend it for any mama-to-be or anyone who has just had a baby or plans on having one soon! I even got one for my step-sister (who is 20 weeks pregnant) along with the Knocked-Up Fitness prenatal DVD set. It makes a great gift!

    JadensMommy on Amazon
  • All of the tips in this book have made my pregnancy much easier. My joint and back pain has dramatically improved and I feel very toned and stable (for a pregnant lady 😉 I feel that the exercises in this book will make my delivery and recovery that much easier while my baby has a healthy active mom already. This book is easy to read and learn as you grow and encounter new trimesters.

    Birdie on Amazon
  • This book is so informative! It has great exercises that are really effective and easy to understand from the photos and descriptions. The exercises target the whole body and really help prepare your body for pregnancy, child birth and beyond. My favorite part about the book is it was written by a mom, for moms. So many of my questions were answered about pregnancy, fitness, and what to expect each trimester.

    CW on Amazon
  • I lost all but 5-7 pounds of the weight I gained during my pregnancy by doing light exercise and eating healthily. To lose the last few pounds, I decided that I needed to take it up a notch in the exercise department. So I started looking for a doable exercise program. I did some research and learned that I had a bit of diastasis recti. Nothing major, but enough to know that I shouldn't be doing burpies or crunches until I was all healed up. This program is the perfect fit for me! The exercises are challenging, get your heart pumping, but at the same time soooooo doable. During the workouts Erica switches up the moves so you don't feel like you're just doing the same thing over and over. And when you feel like you can't possibly do anymore it's over. She takes you to your limit, not past it. SIDE NOTE: I really appreciate how Erica Ziel dresses in these videos. She's modest, and I'm not concerned about giving my children a bad message about how their bodies should look. It's all about being healthy, inside and out and being a better Mommy.... and that means not obsessing about looking "perfect".

    Jessica Rhodes on Amazon
  • I have an 8 month old, and I'm just now starting to get back in shape. I had been looking for a video, since I live in Texas and it is way too hot to do anything outside. A lot of the after baby workouts are a lot of cardio, and I really can't do those right now (nursing). But this DVD is great. There's no impact, but the constant movement from one position to another still gets your heart rate up. There are several workouts (including options for more advanced users), and an enclosed booklet helps structure which ones you do when. Each workout is no longer than 25 minutes, which is great when you have a baby. There's also an option to play the video with music only, without the instructor's commentary. One of the best workout DVD's I've seen. Highly recommended.

    LeilaReads on Amazon
  • This is a great investment if you're looking for a DVD set to exercise at home with. It's low impact, challenging and effective. Erica's voice is calming and easy to listen to. I don't have kids. I'm skinny and trying to tone up a bit and lose a few inches off my belly. Her exercises are working. I can already see improvements in my posture, and some definition in my arms, belly and thighs. I do all exercises from one DVD each day for 6 days a week and give myself one rest day in a week. Also, one minor detail that I really appreciate is her outfits. She is fit and toned but doesn't flash her body by wearing only a sports bra and skimpy shorts. Not that it's a big deal but it really helps me not to hate myself for not having that perfect body already while I'm working on getting there.

    IGee on Amazon
  • My son is 2 months old and I have just started using this DVD, following a modified version of the sample schedule outlined in the booklet that comes with it. My joints haven't fully recovered just yet, but I find that this has much less impact on my knees and ankles than the couch to 5K workouts that I attempted. Although the workout is challenging (and you will definitely be sore!) I found that the workouts were easy to fit in when I could (segments ranging from 11-27 minutes) and were not so challenging that it discouraged me from keeping with it. I have also tried the Tracy Anderson Post-Natal DVD and found that so much of the DVD was focused on abs where I could barely get through the first 10 minutes! This DVD definitely focuses on core exercises without being all about crunches. Make sure you have a couple pair of dumb bells (I've been using 2 lb and 5 lb to start) and a yoga mat... and be prepared for your glutes to burn the day after your first squats workout! Once you've mastered the beginner series, there are intermediate and advanced workouts to progress you. Although I've just started using it, I would (and have) recommend this DVD to anyone looking to slowly easy back into exercise after giving birth.

    C. M. Orzech on Amazon
  • I've had the luxury of working out with Erica in person during my first two pregnancies. During my third pregnancy, I was unable to train with her in person, and these DVD's were the next best thing! I've trained with other pilates instructors and Erica is hands down the best! Her understanding of prenatal & postnatal fitness is what makes her workouts so unique. She helps you tone your body safely before, during, and after pregnancy. She also helps you strengthen all the right muscles you will need for delivery and recovery. She offers a variety of levels and modifications so you can adjust to your own level. The workouts are also great because they are separated into short segments so you can do several in a row for a long workout, or just one for a shorter workout. These DVD's are the perfect postnatal workout. I can't say enough good things about the workouts Erica puts together. I wish I could train with her in person regularly, but since I can't, these are my go to workouts. I recommend them to anyone!

    Heather Hansen on Amazon
  • This is an excellent DVD set. I started using it two months post-baby and am still using it 5 months later. I used this along with lots of walking and am in the best shape of my life. It did a great job safely and effectively strengthening my abs after my c-section. This program continues to challenge me as I have moved from beginner to advanced. The workouts challenge my whole body and there are enough workouts that I have not gotten bored. I love how the workouts are broken into small chunks so that no matter how little time I have I can always squeeze in some amount of exercise. Erica is pleasant, encouraging and gives clear directions. I highly recommend these workouts

    Alyson Foley on Amazon
  • I love implementing these videos into my workout routine. They were exactly what I needed when it was time to get back into shape after my second pregnancy. All workout levels are great for the different stages you are in after having your baby. The beginner workouts are great when you are first getting back into shape and the intermediate/advanced levels are fantastic workouts after you've built up your strength from the first DVD. I followed Erica's workout booklet, which helped me build a base in the beginning and gave more structure to my workouts. I cannot say enough good things about this great DVD set...if you are looking to get into shape after having a baby (or anytime), this is it!

    Marie on Amazon
  • I have had several workout videos over the years and this is hands down the best I've used! Erica's information is educational and understandable. Her workouts are effective and fun! After years of Pilates under multiple instructors, it's refreshing to learn new techniques I've never seen before. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone, postpartum or not!

    Raschelle01 on Amazon
  • Only 2 weeks in, but I love the exercises so far. The music is pleasant and the workout flows so well from start to finish. My posture has already improved and I feel really good!

    Becks on Amazon
  • I bought this for a friend who just had her first baby and had been struggling to get her pre-baby body. She was nervous to try her workout alone so I volunteered to try it out with her. This awesome workout kicked our butts! We finished the DVD feeling healthy and strong. We have been doing it for the last two months and my friend has finally got a taste of her old body. I will definitely continue using this great workout!

    Nicole on Amazon
  • Thank you Erica Ziel for creating a program that helps me feel like I'm actually doing something to get my body back after baby! I used the pre-natal dvd's and still use some of the workouts after baby, but these have really helped me feel empowered at a time when you don't really feel like yourself. The workouts are easy to follow but very effective, and I always feel uplifted both physically and mentally afterward. I've even done them with my son in his swing next to me and it works out great. I would highly recommend these to anyone who wants a safe and effective workout after baby and beyond.

    Collie F. James IV on Amazon
  • I had read some other reviews that said this workout was "tough" which was actually something I was looking for. I try to work out often but have definitely been slacking off since getting pregnant. I went on a search for workout DVD's that were designed to be safe for myself and my munchkin. The assistant is well into her pregnancy and shows modifications for the moves. I wouldn't necessarily call this workout "tough" though it can be challenging (obviously more or less so depending on your ability). I am now at week 20 and have really enjoyed this workout.

    Mo on Amazon
  • I'm in the 2nd trimester of my second pregnancy, with a 10 month old, and as a sleepy, busy mom on the go, this workout DVD is perfect! I used to run up to 30 miles a week and did hours of strength training a week, so with my last pregnancy it was a big challenge to find decent prenatal workout videos for someone with a higher fitness level. I have purchased about 15 of them, and this is one of my favorites. This is not the most challenging of some that I have, but it is challenging enough, and the best thing as that they are 15-20 minutes each so you can do multiple workouts in one day or repeat the same workout twice if you're up for it. The coaches make instructions easy for those who are newer to working out, but absolutely don't over explain. They are very pleasant to listen to which makes the workout more enjoyable. Highly recommend!!

    Dolly Spice on Amazon
  • FABULOUS!! All of these DVDs are great, but this one if my favorite! I cannot say enough good things about "knocked up fitness". Thanks you to Erica and her "knocked up fitness" DVDs I was able to maintain my core muscle strength and feel fit ( just like I was when I was not pregnant). Not only did it this help during labor but my body bounced right back because the muscles were still there (even after TWO pregnancies). The exercises are gentle for your changing body but challenging for your muscles and endurance. I love this DVD b/c I felt like it focused on my booty and legs, and I was proactively fighting the "Mom Butt" before it even became in issue :)... I always felt safe and confident in doing all the exercises and if not, Erica always offers a modification. I HIGHLY recommend "knocked up fitness" to anyone who is pregnant.

    Molly M Hedges on Amazon
  • This is a tough but doable workout for mother's to be. Erica does a good job explaining the moves and her back up partner is well into her pregnancy and shows all the modifications if your advanced in your pregnancy. I am in my second trimester and it works me out without me getting tired which I like. Definitely recommend.

    Amazon Customer
  • My mom introduced me to Erica Ziel's Prenatal Sculpt DVD and I have never felt better. Through Erica Ziel, I have found a healthy balance to my very busy routine. From arm sculpting to improved posture, she covers it all. The best part is that my comfort level pre and post pregnancy has never been better. I recommend Erica to all moms because Erica makes being healthy a way of life that is easy to maintain.

    Laura on Amazon
  • I can't say enough about how much I LOVED this DVD for staying fit throughout my second pregnancy!! I religiously did the core workout at least 3 times a week (also love the other segments but my core was my biggest concern) and had a super fast, easy labor and delivery! It was completely unlike my first labor and delivery and I attribute this to keeping my muscles strong for pushing thanks to Erica's instruction! I'm now 8 weeks postpartum and had a dream recovery! Now I'm using Erica Ziel's Postbaby workouts (along with this prenatal sculpt still bc all the workouts are also great for postpartum fitness!) and couldn't be happier!

    Amazon Customer
  • Erica is the best at helping a woman learn what works for her body, and her new Prenatal Sculpt DVD may be her best one yet. I've personally worked out with Erica for about 6 months now, and I've seen changes in my body and posture and have so much more energy. She's an expert when it comes to prenatal workouts and actually prepares a woman's body for giving birth. There's no doubt these DVD's are worth the money for any expectant mom looking to stay healthy and active during pregnancy.

    Nikki Minton on Amazon
  • Just did my first knocked up fitness routine - cardio and core - and I feel amazing! I love the moves, they are slow but deep and I really worked up a sweat. The workouts are quick but thorough, even offers some stretching while strengthening. I feel like I got a total body workout that feels so good! No jumping or jostling and gives modifications for 3rd trimester bellies! I'm so happy I found this workout!!! I wouldn't recommend this to a beginner or someone who wasn't already in decent shape before they got pregnant. This is a must have for a FIT MAMA!!!

    Narayani Margaret on Amazon
  • Erica Ziel is amazing. Through her programs (I love this one specifically) I was able to become extremely educated and informed about my body and I still follow her routines and advice years after the birth of my baby. I recommend this product to women of all ages and stages. Erica is a wonderful source of knowledge and makes health and exercise easy and fun!

    Amazon Customer
  • Erica is a prenatal fitness expert who truly understands the various needs of the evolving pregnant woman's body. The Prenatal Sculpt DVD is undoubtedly one of the best at-home fitness DVDs geared to sculpt, tone, and maintain the physique through a variation of activities, which can be customized to meet each soon-to-be mom's needs. I personally love that the workouts can be tailored through each stage of pregnancy (modifications for later in the pregnancy) while providing a emphasis on specific target areas - core, arms, booty- that will help to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery. As a busy, working soon-to-be first time mommy I highly recommend this DVD to those of you who desire an overall great workout that can easily be incorporated into any daily routine.

    Alicia Gallegos on Amazon
  • After having my second child, I had a mild to severe case of diastasis recti. My abs had separated severely after I had my son (second child) a year ago, which left me with a donut like bulge around my belly button. For someone who use to live in bikinis, I was forced to wear one pieces and clothing that never showed my mid section. I had lost my confidence and felt very embarrassed about showing my stomach. I had talked to a plastic surgeon about getting a tummy tuck, but decided to give Ericas “Core Rehab” Plan one last shot. After dedicating myself completely to the program for three full months and switching my diet, the gap between my abs has closed dramatically! I am back on the beach playing volleyball in bikinis, recovered from diastasis recti without surgery, and I owe it all to Erica! You’re a sexy-saver!!!

    Nancy P
    Nancy P

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