Pre + Postnatal Fitness and Pilates Classes for Instructors

Help your female clients achieve their best results with our prenatal personal trainer certification classes!

Erica Ziel has been a Prenatal Personal Trainer for more than 14 years and trained over 400 moms safely and effectively before and after their pregnancy. When it comes to your pregnant female clients, safety and results are the two biggest factors when training them. Erica Ziel’s  Certification Course will prepare you to become a Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist with the only certification recognized by the AFAA, PMA, ACE, and the NASM

Our Prenatal Personal Trainer Courses are now available online!

Topics will include:

  • Pregnancy Fitness Plan: Limitations and benefits to prenatal exercise, physical changes, pregnancy health topics, trimester-specific: focus and modifications, female anatomy, deep core and deep core strengthening, diastasis recti, core progressions and modifications, alignment, corrective exercises, and an overview of labor/delivery.
  • Postpartum: realistic expectations of exercise and exercise programming along with prenatal and postnatal case studies.
  • Delivered in webinars, guides, workbook, videos, live Q & A discussion coaching calls and quizzes to go along with each section to complete your certification.
  • CEC’s will be offered and announced as approvals are received.


Erica truly is the best of the best Prenatal Personal Trainer, Pilates and fitness instructor. She is an inspirational woman in so many ways. Often times I see personal trainers favor the prenatal anatomy element over the exercise/physical element, or focus too much on the physical “workout” without proper anatomy and posture awareness…..She has it all going on. She is a living example of a Pilates Pro, working mom, and beautiful woman. I feel lucky to have been able to study with Erica and look forward to learning more.

—Carly Farmer, owner Villa Pilates and Yoga

After completing Erica’s Prenatal Personal Trainer course, I feel both confident and enthusiastic to take on pre and postnatal clients. Erica’s passion is contagious! She shares all her industry expertise and go to workout’s. This course is a must for any instructor interested in becoming a prenatal personal trainer and taking their female clients to the next level. Money well spent!

—Richelle Sant

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Walk away feeling confident training your pregnant clients, new moms, and beyond!

Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist Course + Certification, now available online:

  • Erica’s push prep method®
  • Limitations and benefits to exercise during and after pregnancy
  • Physical changes during pregnancy
  • Pregnancy symptoms
  • Pregnancy health topics and concerns
  • Female anatomy
  • Mental roadblocks many clients deal with and how to help her through them
  • Overview of labor
  • Learn Exercises that can help decrease/prevent aches and pains
  • Realistic expectations of exercise and progressions after baby
  • How to prevent/minimize and repair diastasis recti, what it is and how to look for it
  • Expectations and benefits of exercise
  • Program modifications and progressions
  • Exercises you can teach with little to no equipment
  • Exercises to teach in a gym setting
  • Prepare mom’s body for delivery, recovery, and life as a mom!

Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Equipment Course – In-Person Training coming late 2017!

  • Review of Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist Online course (the online Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist Course is a prerequisite for the Prenatal Pilates course)
  • Dive in deeper with programing prenatal and postpartum clients
  • Review of Diastsis Recti progressions
  • Learn Prenatal & Postnatal exercises on the Pilates reformer, Cadillac, and chair
  • Understand appropriate Pilates programming for Diastasis Recti
  • Pilates equipment program modifications and progressions
  • Pilates equipment case studies
  • Corrective exercises on the equipment


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