Over the past 15 years, I have spent thousands of hours researching, interviewing and using my own personal experience to develop my one-of-a-kind technique to help ease your labor and delivery process. Knowing how to effectively control your body during the push phase of delivery will leave you feeling empowered and give you an entirely new understanding and connection with your body!

Push Prep Method™

With my Push Prep Method™, many women have experienced:

  • Minimal tearing and even zero tearing at all
  • Less than 1 hour in the push phase of delivery
  • Faster recovery postpartum

Your body is about to embark on one of the biggest and most wonderful journey a woman can experience! Why not set it up for success? Join my Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Membership and learn how to ease your labor and delivery process with my Push Prep Method™!

See What Mama’s Are Saying About the Push Prep Method™
When it came time to push, it was only about nine minutes! Thank you Erica for keeping me strong and helping my body prep for the big job!


My body did all the work and I only did 2 small, easy pushes using your wonderful Push Prep Method™.


My push time during delivery was minutes long and the nurses/OB were shocked that a first delivery push was less than ten minutes. At 15 weeks after my son’s due date, I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Thank you, Erica!