• Solange Ross, MSPT
    Solange Ross, MSPT

    Masters of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Certified and creator of Complete Core NYC.

    “I am very excited to consult with Erica Ziel on her online Core Rehab program. I have personally done these workouts and they are on point. She gives you great technique, an amazing progression to connect with the deep core muscles and great encouragement!”

  • Erica Scott, MPT
    Erica Scott, MPT

    Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

    Owner/Founder Healing Integrations Physical Therapy

    “Erica Ziel has developed a comprehensive program that will not just benefit new mothers, but will benefit everyone. Erica’s gift is her ability to read the human body, and her education and training that will empower you to make safe and effective exercise choices that will change your body in a profound way. Erica can see where restrictions and poor posture emanate from, and her ability correct these and other limitations through education and exercise are remarkable.” 

  • Dr. Katie M. Smith, PhD, RDN, LD
    Dr. Katie M. Smith, PhD, RDN, LD

    An Assistant Professor of Sport Science and Health Education at Simpson College.

    “I have followed Erica’s work for several years now both as a healthcare professional and also personally during both of my pregnancies. Her programs have been one of the many tools I have used to successfully avoid low back pain and a cesarean section with both deliveries, including a delivery of twins! Erica and I share many similar invested interests but most importantly, we agree that movement is key! Erica’s programs help accomplish just that and they are easy to fit into even the busiest of mom’s schedules.”

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