Core Rehab Coach
How long have you been with Erica and Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness? What is your role?
I have been with Erica for 2.5 years, starting as a member of her Core Rehab program and joined her team almost 2 years ago (I think) as one of her coaches and helping her with instructor certifications.
What is your favorite part about what you do?
I love teaching people how to really train and use their core so they can live a more active and pain free life. There is so much incorrect information out there and Erica gives the cutting edge, up to date information!
What is your favorite way to stay healthy?
Working out – I love sweating and feeling strong
Have you always been into fitness and wellness?
Yes, I can remember getting up and working out early in the morning with the Mickey Mouse Club workouts (does that date me) as a kid!
What is your favorite workout video from the membership or CRP?
There are too many! There are so many good workouts in the prenatal section and for Core Rehab, phases 2, 4 and 5 are my favorites.
How does your core work effect you everyday?
It keeps me upright with good posture, strong and reminds me to lift, carry and bend properly. Every movement we do uses our core and if I don’t keep it working properly, I feel in quickly in the way of aches and pains.
How do you find time to stay healthy?
Owning my own business, being a mom and a wife, and helping out with church, I have to make/find time. Afternoons are my favorite and if my toddler isn’t sleeping then I just invite him to join me.
What is something you want us to know about you?
I am passionate about helping people move and feel better. Working in the Sports Medicine/Fitness field for over 20 years has made it almost a disease of mine that when I see dysfunction in someone I just HAVE TO help fix them. And I love doing it. I also love helping women feel like themselves again, and even stronger and healthier then before.