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Julianna Vitsentzatos, editor for Knocked-Up Fitness, received her Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communication from University Canada West. She had started her degree in Toronto, at The University of Guelph-Humber one year before she and her husband had their first son in 2010.

Beginning as early as age 3 with ballet training, Julianna has always been involved in active living, sports, and fitness. As a young athlete she most enjoyed dance, aerobic gymnastics, tennis, track and field, and basketball– but she vastly enjoyed being involved in choreographing dance squads and gymnastics routines. During her first pregnancy, Julianna’s dance background guided her into the world of yoga and Pilates, which she continues to practice today, while training to instruct. Pregnancy also changed her relationship with nutrition, encouraging her to use her love of research and interest in health to better understand how the right food can fuel the body and encourage optimal physical and mental function.

Julianna has found her niche writing with Knocked-Up Fitness; sharing everything from research to Real Mom Blogs with Knocked-Up readers, to encourage other moms and moms-to-be to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle and to be happy and healthy for themselves and their families. Julianna resides in Canada, often changing locations with her husband, who works in The Canadian Armed Forces, and their two sons.

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