In Diastasis Recti

I’m beyond excited to announce that my brand NEW Core Rehab Program!

It’s time to start feeling good again, healing your core and abdominal separation {diastasis recti} once and for all! Say good bye to those annoying aches and pains and hello to a new you.


I’ve had way to many mama’s tell me they’ve been told there’s nothing they can do to fix their diastasis recti {abdominal separation}. Some tell me their doctors says surgery is the only option – I can’t express how frustrating this is!!!!

Neither are good or correct answers.

You can work to heal diastasis recti naturally and safely through proper movement and fascial activation. That’s what my program is all about!

Plus so much more. Not only will your core feel stronger then ever before, but your entire body, the way you move, stand, sit and carry will transform how your feel both physically and emotionally!

Not sure if you have abdominal separation?

Click here for my video where I show you how to test.


A BIG piece that’s been missing for many is the full body approach. Yes – my Core Rehab Program is focused on strengthening your core – and…also your entire body.

Yes, you will do abdominal exercises but in a new way – a way that will equal results like you’ve never experienced before.

Everything works together – the better everything works together the sooner your core and abdominal strength will improve as will diastasis recti.

So stop trying to do countless ‘ab exercises’ and let’s learn to do the right exercises the correct way.

You will learn so much more about your body and movement and how it can impact your life not only now – but forever.



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