Resistance Band Exercises {Workout Video}

When you're tight on time, equipment or traveling try these resistance band exercises, they are great to strengthen your entire body. Plus the exercises in this resistance band workout are great during pregnancy too. Always remember to stand tall, lightly turning on your deep core muscles and … [Continue reading]


5 Tips for Back Pain Relief


Did you know that back pain affects sixty to eighty percent of Americans at some point in their life! Life as a mom has back pain written all over it - pregnancy, breastfeeding, carrying wiggly kids and lots of stuff, picking up toys, limited time to workout, etc. It can be lessened by … [Continue reading]


Keeping Your New Years Resolutions!


As we near the end of January many of you may find yourself starting to slip away from your new years resolutions already – yikes! So let’s take a new look at those resolutions – or as I like to call them “goals”. Creating resolutions may just seem like to big a task to actually accomplish. Instead, let’s make goals that you will actually be able to accomplish and feel amazing doing … [Continue reading]


21-Days to Creating New Healthy Habits {Video}

  … [Continue reading]


New Year – Healthier You!


With the New Year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to create healthier lifestyle habits! (there's a new workout below...) For my New Year - Healthier You, I'm including several bonuses to go along with the Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom program: Join me for LIVE Q & A calls during the 6 weeks! Digital workout program ($29-$39 value and you choose– Pilates-Infused … [Continue reading]


3 Best Exercises for Early Pregnancy Health


According to The University of North Carolina's study on pregnant women, fewer than 25% of moms-to-be are meeting healthy exercise recommendations-- this means less than 1 in 4 women are exercising during every stage of pregnancy! Prenatal exercise boasts tons of benefits, and not just for your muscles: regular exercise can help boost your energy, build strength and endurance for pregnancy … [Continue reading]


The Medicine Cabinet: 9 Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Symptoms

Are you one of the many moms reaching for effective relief from pregnancy symptoms, but wanting more holistic alternatives to chemicals and artificial products? There are lots of natural ways to reduce all kinds of discomforts of which many can be especially problematic during pregnancy. As parents, we want to protect our children from harsh chemicals for life, so we're sharing 9 products we use … [Continue reading]


Going Into Overtime


Why Overdue Is Just An Estimation.. and 7 Ways You Can (Actually) Enjoy It! If you're waving at your due date as you drive on-- still pregnant-- it's easy to spend hours watching the clock pass, hoping for a 'Hollywood Moment' of rushing fluid, crazy contractions, and a rush to the hospital. It's normal (and so exciting!) to get anxious waiting for baby to arrive, but what many moms don't … [Continue reading]