Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom: Getting Rid of the Belly Bulge! {Video}

As moms, we lead the busiest of lives. We’re not just on the job for 40 hours a week, or even 60. We work tirelessly 24/7 to raise our children, care for our family, run errands, and work. With such a full plate, it feels nearly impossible to find time for ourselves and our own health. Well … [Continue reading]


Worth the Weight: How Prenatal Exercise Can Help You Achieve Your Postpartum Weight Goals

If you're one of many Knocked-Up mommas waiting for baby, and wondering how your body will react to pregnancy and delivery, you're in luck! A study out of The American College of Sports Medicine shows an exciting new positive correlation between prenatal exercise and postpartum weight. … [Continue reading]


Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom: Let’s Talk About Sugar! {Video}

Moms, you know how much I care about your body, confidence, and pregnancy(s).. but most importantly, I care about your health! But being healthy and confident is not just about exercise, though that definitely plays a big part in it. Rather, it's maintaining a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of our life, including sleep, exercise, eating right, time management for our kids, husband, and self, … [Continue reading]


Bringing Awareness to the Dangers of Low Amniotic Fluid


Whether you are a first time mom or have experienced a prior pregnancy I want to talk about something that many expecting moms don’t give a lot of thought to… I want to discuss amniotic fluid. Is yours sufficient? How would you be able to tell? When is it time to discuss this with your mid-wife or doctor any changes you have noticed with discharge? I will be providing some hints to … [Continue reading]


MentorMob Parenting Resource


Hey Mama's, check out this brand NEW site! A couple of my favorite things about It's EASY to navigate! Info is chosen from respected blogs and other great sources (not just a google search engine) Fantastic info all in one spot Knocked-Up Fitness has several posts featured on Plus so much more, check it out for yourself and read … [Continue reading]


Strengthening Your Deep Core


  The benefits of strengthening your deep core are virtually endless! Here are a few important reasons you need to start ASAP and strengthen your deep core:  Look and FEEL your best, during pregnancy, after baby, and far beyond! A quicker and easier labor, specifically the pushing portion (could prevent unnecessary c-section). The ability to bounce back quicker after baby - get … [Continue reading]


How Soon Can I Workout After Baby? {Video}

I can't tell you how often I get asked... "How soon can I workout now that I've had my baby?" Watch my video below for my detailed answer to this...   Now that you've had your little one(s) and are ready to get back to your workouts (or at least in the near future anyways), my Functional Pilates-Infused Workouts are designed for you to get your body back! With gradual (yet … [Continue reading]


Gearing Up for Baby: My 10 Must Haves!

Having a baby can turn anyone into a one-woman search engine-- there are so many things you want to know! On the top of this list is finding the right baby gear, because you'll be getting pretty well acquainted with it when your baby is here and you need to use them! As a blog dedicated to all things baby, I wanted to share some of my favorite baby gear with all of you! 1. Bouncer Chair We … [Continue reading]