Episiotomies, Epidurals & Exercise {Video}

There are many important things to consider about episiotomies and epidurals as you enter your pregnancy, and specifically your labor process. Watch the video below to learn more on episiotomies & epidurals, and to learn how exercise plays a part in this. Other Related Knocked-Up Fitness … [Continue reading]


My 2nd Pregnancy {Push Prep}

Though my second pregnancy was fairly easy, my second time going into labor took a scary turn when my son's heart rate dropped with each push. Watch the video below to hear how exercising and my Push Prep helped saved me from an emergency C-Section. Other Related Knocked-Up Fitness … [Continue reading]


My Segment on “A Healthy You & Carol Alt” Fox News Show {Video}


What a great trip I had to NYC a couple weeks ago and one of the cool things I had the opportunity to do was to be a guest on Carol Alt's Fox News show, "A Healthy You & Carol Alt"! So much fun and I got to do what I love to do, share my message about exercising and staying healthy and fit during and after pregnancy. Check out the video below: Watch the latest video at … [Continue reading]


What Moms Are Saying {Testimonials}


Check out what moms and experts are saying about Erica's training and Knocked-Up Fitness Prenatal and Postnatal Programs! "Erica is one of my favorite prenatal (and postnatal!) fitness experts, and I adore her book. It's clear, straightforward and fun - and it's comprehensive without being overwhelming. Any mom-to-be who wants to stay fit and have a better labor will love it!" ~ Anna Maltby, … [Continue reading]


5 Tips to Motivate Moms-to-Be


Exercise is an extremely important factor in having a healthy pregnancy, so you might be surprised that three out of four pregnant women in the U.S. don't get enough exercise! Preventative Medicine reports that as few as 14% of women are meeting the minimum recommendations for physical activity, which could partly explain why so many moms struggle with their health, weight, and body image. To … [Continue reading]


The Importance of Your Transverse Abdominals {Video}

Check out my new video below on Deep Core Strengthening. Learn the importance of your Transverse Abdominals and how they can impact your pregnancy, labor, and beyond! ===>Now Available: The Knocked-Up Fitness Pregnancy Program Don’t forget to sign up for the Knocked-Up Fitness Newsletter to receive your FREE Booty Sculpting Workout! Other Related Knocked-Up Fitness … [Continue reading]


Healthy Product Talk with Mommy Greenest

I was super excited to meet with Rachel from Mommy Greenest to talk all about healthy and "green" habits/products you should be using to live a healthier lifestyle! Not just for you but for your family too. It's amazing when you stop to think about what toxins are all around us and with some small changes we can greatly decrease those toxins. So watch my interview with Rachel and I'd love for you … [Continue reading]


MommiesFirst Subscription Box Review

mommies first 1

I don't know anyone who doesn't love getting mail-- especially the kind of mail that you weren't expecting, and particularly the kind of mail that includes gifts! I remember when I was pregnant with my first little one, just about anything that I saw for babies made me freak out with excitement, I was so excited to explore the world of products for my baby. With baby #2, I've become a bit … [Continue reading]