Exercising During Pregnancy Can Help Prepare You for Life as a Mom! {Video}

This is a must-watch live hangout video! Watch as Erin from Fit Bottomed Mamas, Amelia from Eating Made Easy and I  cover LOTS of info about exercising during and after pregnancy and how it can help prepare you for life as a mom. Plus, we also shared some "not-discussed" tips about motherhood … [Continue reading]


Getting Pregnant: 7 Pre-Pregnancy Health Tips


Chances are you know that once you're pregnant, maintaining a safe exercise routine is ideal for baby (see Sweat, Pregnant Mamas Sweat). But what you might not know is that your pre-pregnancy fitness routine plays an important role in getting pregnant & your pregnancy health. Here's how finding … [Continue reading]


Importance of Exercising During Pregnancy {Video}

See what Erin from and I had to say about the importance of exercising during pregnancy. We give lots of great tips for fitting in exercise, plus common questions, and a quick glimpse into my new book "The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy"! ==>check out my new book here You can enter to win a signed copy of my book by sharing this video on google+ &/or … [Continue reading]


A New Reason to Keep Up With Those Kegels!


Kegel Exercises are an important part of pelvic strength during pregnancy and after baby. A strong pelvic floor not only contributes to easier labor and reduced pain during pregnancy-- but it can contribute to many other aspects of your life (better sex, less risk of incontinence, and a tighter abdomen... need I say more?)! Often there is concern that kegels, while doing their job to … [Continue reading]


7-Day Strong Mama Challenge


Sign-ups for the 7-Day Strong Mama Challenge are now closed but you can check out the videos below and join in on the challenge on Facebook and Instagram !!! ===>Be sure you're signed up for my newsletter here, to receive your free booty sculpting workout and future challenges, workouts, promos, printouts, and more! Check out my current 7-Day #StrongMama Challenge below: Day 7: Curtsy … [Continue reading]


Prenatal Exercise & Postpartum Rewards


Prenatal exercise is great for your body and mood during pregnancy, and research has shown that it can also contribute to your baby's health and even your delivery-- which is why Knocked-Up Fitness is so passionate about getting you active during your pregnancy & after baby! Although most mom's think a pregnancy ends when your baby is in your arms, the '4th Trimester' is an essential … [Continue reading]


Rise Bar Giveaway!


Recently I came across Rise Bar in Wholefoods an was super impressed with their bars! Especially the protein bars which have very few ingredients! Nothing fake, no fillers, no crap!! This is great for everyone especially you pregnant and nursing mamas, since everything you eat your baby eats too. So mamas check these bars out and here's your chance to win a variety box!!! Enter below and winner … [Continue reading]


Health & Wellness Event for Expecting & New Moms!


I'm so excited to be announcing that my new book will be available soon!!! For those of you in Southern California I'd love for you to join me at Xpecting for my local book launch Thursday April 3rd from 4 to 6 p.m. Not only will you be able to get a hold of my book before it's available online, but there is going to be some great giveaways (every 2o minutes, that is!) plus food tasting-- and … [Continue reading]