3 Best Exercises for Early Pregnancy Health


According to The University of North Carolina's study on pregnant women, fewer than 25% of moms-to-be are meeting healthy exercise recommendations-- this means less than 1 in 4 women are exercising during every stage of pregnancy! Prenatal exercise boasts tons of benefits, and not just for your … [Continue reading]


The Medicine Cabinet: 9 Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Symptoms

Are you one of the many moms reaching for effective relief from pregnancy symptoms, but wanting more holistic alternatives to chemicals and artificial products? There are so many natural ways to reduce all kinds of discomforts, many of which can be especially problematic during pregnancy. As … [Continue reading]


Going Into Overtime


Why Overdue Is Just An Estimation.. and 7 Ways You Can (Actually) Enjoy It! If you're waving at your due date as you drive on-- still pregnant-- it's easy to spend hours watching the clock pass, hoping for a 'Hollywood Moment' of rushing fluid, crazy contractions, and a rush to the hospital. It's normal (and so exciting!) to get anxious waiting for baby to arrive, but what many moms don't … [Continue reading]


5 Tips to Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain


Weight gain is a reality of pregnancy... Or is it? Many pregnant women struggle to meet pregnancy weight gain milestones--often leading to anxiety, and unhealthy eating habits. We asked Kristi Angevine, OBGyn, to weigh in on some healthy weight gain tips, and we're sharing 5 Tips to Ensure Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain. 1) Check-Ups Your suggested weight gain will be based on your health and … [Continue reading]


Softcup – A Healthy Alternative to Tampons & Pads


Don’t you just dread that “time of the month"? I know I do! So I when I heard about Softcup I was excited to try it out, something you can leave in for 12 hours and not have to deal with leakage nor even feel it! Check out the pros of using a Softcup: SOFTCUP…  12 hour period protection Can’t be felt while wearing Not linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and does not cause … [Continue reading]


Delivery Methods: 1 Crazy (But Awesome) Tip To Improve Baby’s Health


For many moms, planning for your baby's arrival can even start before you find out you're pregnant. Not surprisingly, delivery brings great excitement, along with questions and concerns for both mom and baby's health and safety. The CDC estimates about 3 of 4 women have a vaginal delivery with minimal complications-- but in the U.S. 33% of moms are delivering via cesarean. Cesarean births … [Continue reading]


9 Surprising Tips: Pregnancy Digestive Health

Natural health has become very popular among pregnant women and moms lately-- and for good reason! Mom's are now more aware than ever that our diet, exercise routines, and environments affect our pregnancy and our children, not just our own health! Since digestion, your tummy, and your whole gut system is affected by so many factors, especially during pregnancy, here are some great tips to … [Continue reading]


Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom: How Much Exercise Do You Really Need? {Video}

While being a mother is a special and rewarding feeling, it takes a lot of time away from ourselves. Often we feel like we can’t find the time and energy to have an intense workout, and so we forgo exercising altogether. But maybe an intense workout isn’t what you actually need. Your body is different than everyone else’s body, which is part of what makes you so beautiful, but different … [Continue reading]