What to Focus on First in Postpartum Recovery

What to Focus on First in Postpartum Recovery I get a lot of questions about what to focus on first in your postpartum recovery journey. I want to give you some excellent advice to help you navigate the unchartered waters of postpartum. A lot of women are told they can resume physical activity after their 6-week postpartum check-up, or 10-week check-up…

Recovery Postpartum, Don’t Wait Until Your Done Having Babies

Recovery postpartum, don’t wait until your done having babies to heal your body postpartum. Enjoy this conversation with my Knocked-Up Fitness® client, Allie, mom of three. She’s an avid runner but started experiencing incontinence postpartum after her first pregnancy. She also started dealing with hip and back pain and found amazing relief when learning how to effectively strengthen her deep core and pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy. 

If Your Pelvic Floor Needs Some TLC, Read This!

“Oh, no… Not another run where I peed my pants,” you think to yourself after you’ve been cleared by your OB/GYN to exercise. The truth is, you wear black leggings *just in case* you leak down there and you ignore it because your mom friends told you it was normal after having a baby. >>As women, it’s common to want your before…

image of exercise after birth
Safe Movements in the First Weeks Postpartum

When you’re newly postpartum, you are told by your OB/GYN to hold off on exercise until you hit that 6-week mark. After working with thousands of moms and going through postpartum recovery three times myself, I soon realized that doing nothing in those first weeks postpartum could do more harm than good to your body. Now, I’m not saying to…