Does your back hurt when you go to pick up your child from the ground?

*Like as much as you love them, you cringe thinking about the pain that’s about to happen!*

The reality is, picking things off of the ground is inevitable as a mom.

But there are ways you can work to minimize any pain so you can enjoy time with your kids!

image of pick up child

When it comes to improving your form for lowering to the ground, it all starts with activating your deep core.

Naturally, you want to round over, but this can add a lot of pressure to your low back.

>>Visualize growing tall from the base of your pelvic floor all the way through the top of your head so you have good posture.<<

Once you’re connected in your deep core, position yourself in a staggered stance so you’re lowering in a squat/lunge position. Then when you reach the ground, hinge from your hips with your hamstrings, booty, and quads supporting you.

These are just some simple awareness pieces to help get you started. If you’re wanting the full rundown on how to pick up your child, check out the video below!

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