Crunches are not the best core exercises and are not the most effective first step in improving abdominal health. Especially for pregnant or postpartum moms!

Let’s think about which muscles experience the most changes as a mom? Yep! Your abdominal muscles (think, deep core). Check out this video for more information on why crunches are not the best core exercises- and some safer, more effective options to sculpt and strengthen your core, back, and more!

Crunches Aren’t The Best Core Exercises! Follow My Tips in This Video to Improve Your Core Health.


  • Performed incorrectly, crunches can strain other muscle groups. Avoid crunches– especially during pregnancy and after baby.
  • Other exercises are EXTREMELY effective at strengthening your deep core and repairing the abs. Check my tutorial on Best Exercises for Diastasis Recti, for examples of safe and gentle core exercises!
  • Determine if your body is ready to start training your core– exercises should feel challenging, rather than uncomfortable to the neck, shoulders etc. Pelvic Tilts are a great low-impact ab exercise.
  • Listen to your body, rather than potentially doing more damage! Take some time to learn how to correctly perform the best exercises for deep core strengthening.
  • Not sure if you have abdominal separation? Click here for my video where I show you how to test

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