I love this exercise!

It’s great for targeting those deep abs, good during 1st Trimester & After Baby 🙂

**Always check with your Doctor before beginning any exercise program**

Focus: Abs/Core
  • Legs laterally rotated
  • Neutral spine
  • Start with a small range of motion ~ once you master the smaller range of motion then you can lower your legs lower, but keep out of your back ~ this is an abdominal exercise!
  • Think “Ribs to Hips” & “Scoop your belly In & Up”
  • Lift your hips up towards the ceiling, not towards your head.
  • Imprint your spine if you feel in your low back (meaning gently press your lower back towards your mat) ~ (I didn’t say jam, i said gently)
  • If you feel more in your neck than abs, just do the leg movement. You can support more my placing your hands under your hips
  • Take your shoes off to make it easier
  • Smaller range of motion…
  • Always be sure you have the smaller range of motion/basic movements down before you progress on….
  • To make more challenging add pulses at the end of your 10-30 reps
Reps: 10-30 Sets: 1-4 Other great ab exercises ~E ]]>

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