Getting Momma’s Groove Back ~ Update Week 6


~ Check this out! Shanna’s belly is disapering…

(Current Wk 6 Pic)

(Where she began)

She’s lost 5 lbs & LOTS of inches!!!!

Only 5 pounds you say? Your probably thinking that’s all, really? We all know the saying of “muscle weighs more than fat”.

Let me clarify, “Muscle is more DENSE than fat”. A pound is a pound is a pound. A pound of muscle takes us LESS space than a pound of fat. So if you lose a pound of fat & gain a pound of muscle you have lost, no weight, but you are now a little more dense.

(Look they weigh the same)

Shanna is a great example of what changes you can make only losing 5 lbs!!! So if you’re in this spot feeling like “Dam*t! I’m working my a** off & the scale has barely moved!!! AWWWW!!!” ~ anyone? Don’t let that scale discourage you.


I know this may seem like a sin to most but it’s what you need to do. So how do you determine if your losing weight (or rather LOSING FAT & GAINING MUSCLE) & moving in the right direction…

  1. Your clothes are getting loser ~ this is the best guide
  2. You feel great!
  3. Your eating healthier & are being honest with yourself about it
  4. You’ve gotten into a regular workout regimen
  5. You have more energy / feel stronger

Back to continuing my update:

Shanna has been doing awesome! After she hit a rough patch over the holidays & after it was hard for her to get going again, we all have times like these & for some it’s much harder than others.


Say it again with me “Don’t Give Up!”

Shanna pushed through – even with all those sleepless nights & frustrations – & now look at her! This is were accountability plays a huge roll. It’s way to easy to just say hey this is “too hard” or “not worth it” & continue moving on with your life feeling tired & exhausted & low on energy. Now I’m not saying your not going to feel tired getting up early before your hubby leaves for work so you can get your workout in. However, as time goes on (& it doesn’t take long) your body adjusts to getting up early & can’t wait to exercise. Once you’re there you’ll realize you can’t live without exercise. Once you start seeing the amazing results, & realize even though you may be getting a little less sleep cuz your getting up early, you feel so much more energy during your days.

Your muscles – wait what! Yes though things that help you through your days of lifting kids, picking up toys & groceries, constantly chasing little ones around…You need to be fast on your feet with them. As you become stronger all these things get easier (isn’t that a nice bonus).

To Read more about Shanna’s Journey:

~”If Momma Ain’t Happy Ain’t Nobody Happy”~
So momma’s I want to hear from you! What are you doing to conquer the challenge of getting your exercise in everyday / losing the baby weight? Have you thrown out your scale yet?


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