Grooving into Pre-Baby Jeans!

10 weeks later…Shanna has gotten her momma’s groove back & is grooving into her PRE-BABY Jeans!

What an amazing feeling & sense of accomplishment!

Keep it up Girl!

Through all her hard times & feeling like it ain’t possible…well IT IS! Shanna is proof that you can get your pre-baby body back (is she 100% there yet, well no, but she’s getting damn closer every day!).

Does your body change after having kids, absolutley!

Can it be the same? YES!

Your body may take on a slightly different shape after having a couple kids. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your new momma bod! Many mom’s love their body even more after kids, as YOU should! Hell girl, you did after all go through a crazy 9 months of body changes, supporting another human being, delivering baby, nursing, & on top of that forget even thinking about hormonal changes! Take that times what, 2 or 3 babies…that’s a lot going on for one body to handle. Don’t be so hard on yourself but realize you need to make you a priority.

What are you doing to keep (or get) your bod in rockin’ shape?


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