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picture of balance hormones after pregnancy
A Look at Hormones before, during, and after Pregnancy

Are you worried about your hormones during pregnancy and navigating them through early postpartum? I have great news Mama: There is so much you can for your hormones during pregnancy, while you’re preparing for pregnancy, or if you’ve already had a baby! Because you can always work towards bettering your health and creating healthy lifestyle habits. Today’s Core Connections podcast episode…

image of hormones before pregnancy
How to Balance Hormones Before Pregnancy

When I took my first DUTCH test, I was completely overwhelmed. I kept thinking: What does this mean? How does that connect? Have I always had that? The truth is: It is overwhelming because it dives into so much more than your average labwork. But the good news is that as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner I know how to…

image of getting pregnant and staying pregnant
Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant

Getting pregnant and staying pregnant affects more women than you may think. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 6.1 million women in the United States have difficulty becoming pregnant or staying pregnant.   Because this is a topic that affects so many women, I invited Dr. Gleaton, a certified OBGYN and Medical Director of Natalist, to talk…