Nicole on Amazon

I have purchased a couple other prenatal fitness books in the past and this one is by far my favorite! I love the pictures and how easy it is to understand. The step by step guides throughout the book make it easy to put together a realistic workout. I love the many tips throughout the book and I also love how it is broken down into trimesters, giving lots of specific information about what to expect and work on during each period of pregnancy. It’s also really nice to have someone explain things about pregnancy that you often don’t hear enough about, (but are so important), like strengthening your pelvic floor, abdominal separation, preparation for pushing during labor, “5 things moms wish they had been told,” and what to expect after baby. I’m so glad Erica Ziel put this book together! I plan to give this book as a gift to friends and recommend it to anyone wanting to stay fit during and after pregnancy.