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Do 100% of women get Diastasis Recti?

According to Women’s Health Physical Therapists, who specialize in pelvic floor rehab they will say, yes 100% of women get some degree of abdominal separation due to pregnancy. Don’t let that scare you, though, I promise we can do something about both if you are currently pregnant and again postpartum {no matter how long it’s been since you’ve had your last little one}.

Watch my entire video where I discuss much more about this or read on below.

There’s so much healing that takes place in those first weeks postpartum for many women, by the time 6 to 10 weeks postpartum rolls around minimal abdominal separation has healed.

That said, there’s also a lot that you can do if you do have abdominal separation and there are things you can do if you are currently pregnant. I talk about it in my programs and teach you how to properly activate your deep core muscles – because it really is super important when you’re pregnant and it’s one of the easiest times in life that I find for you to find and create good, deep core strength.
I love working with pregnant moms and teaching them how to activate their deep core muscles because, once you figure out how to properly active, that muscle memory it is there to stay! I offer one-on-one online training and coaching so I can create more individualized plans. Once you find your deep core connection during pregnancy it will come back so much easier and naturally on its own – because you’ve created amazing fascial connections. You’ve told those muscles what to do, and they’re more likely to connect after baby easily without you having to think about it so much.



Postpartum mamas, we have to be kind to our bodies after we have a baby.

There is so much that goes on. I learned a lot through having 3 babies of my own, working with many women, reading all the research that I do – because I am  paving this path to educate other women – you can  feel your best. As busy moms, it’s not fun when our body hurts.

In those first postpartum weeks, it’s important for you to allow your body to heal. Communicate with your doctor what you are allowed to;

  • Moving a little bit
  • Recreating deep core strength {something you can do soon after baby and doesn’t require much movement}
  • Focus on your posture throughout your day
  • Be kind to your body giving yourself time to heal
  • Listen to your body

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If your doctor is okay with you getting out and walking a little bit and moving, do it. I was out there the night I got home from the hospital with my first. I strapped her to me and I walked…

With my first, I know I overdid it initially in those first weeks. I was so excited to get back to normal working out. I worked out my entire pregnancy with her, but I just remember feeling, “Okay. This is great. I can get running again.” My body was not ready to run as soon as I thought it was – so be patient mama!

That’s why I’m here:

  • to encourage you to listen to your body
  • take it slow
  • it takes time to heal
  • working on strengthening your deep core
  • the right way to approach exercise during pregnancy and postpartum
  • improve your mindful movement

Once you’re feeling better and your doctor approves you to exercise, it’s important to start where you left off during pregnancy. A lot of women don’t realize that they have abdominal separation, and then go too hard too fast, even once your doctor gives you the green light, you can actually create more damage to the separation that is there instead of actually encouraging it to heal.

Very important that we take a step back and think about what’s going on with our body, that you check for diastasis recti. This is very beneficial to help you understand…

How is the connection? Can I push down into my belly? How good is the fascial connection?”

Fascial connection is something that’s not talked a lot about, but something that can really be extremely beneficial for recreating strength and getting your flat belly back in the postpartum phase.

A lot of that comes down to deep core strength and finding those good fascial connections. It’s something I am teaching a lot and excited to continue and help more and more women understand that yes you can do something about your abdominal separation!!!

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If you are currently pregnant I can’t stress enough the importance of creating a good strong foundation of your deep core! Pregnancy is the best time to do so, and my digital pregnancy program is exactly what you need to get started.

It’s never too late to learn, even if you only have a couple weeks left before your due date.

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