"The Back-Up Plan"

If you haven’t seen “The Back-Up Plan” yet I highly recommend it! Ok so I know I’m way behind & it’s be out for a while (I have 2 little ones, need I say more).  If it weren’t for On Demand I wouldn’t have seen it yet! Love those rare nights the kids are in bed by 8pm & my hubby & I actually get to cuddle together & watch a long over due movie. We were cracking up! (more me than him, but he thought it was quite funny too!).

If you already have a kid or 2 or more than you will totally get this movie.  If you’re pregnant or planning to be soon I highly recommend it, someday you will “get it”…. It’ll help give you some “real” insight to being a parent..haha! Just remember there’s no turning back…hehe. Don’t worry it’s just a movie, however they did a great job at throwing in some “not so fun” stuff that comes with pregnancy 😉

I was busting up when Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) & Mona (Michaele Watkins) were “working out” in the gym. Mona who has 4 kids of her own & “hates” them (although who could really hate their kids, come on now). Watching her working out is hilarious, she might as well just be sitting watching tv. I’m afraid she might hurt herself with her bad form & poor attitude. She could totally benefit from hiring a trainer (might help her get out her frustrations). Anyways it’s a great flick, check it out if you haven’t already, especially if you have a kid or 2 already.



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