Food Never Tasted So Damn Good!

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The one thing I miss about being pregnant?

Food never tasted so damn good!

So for all you lovely pregnant ladies, enjoy your food while you’re pregnant, cuz I hate to break it too you but it’ll never taste that good again. Unless of course you decide to do it again…..and again…..and again….

But my advice is take it one baby at a time. Then you decide or maybe you don’t decide but it’s meant to be 😉 either way…Enjoy food now because it won’t last. Plus you may find foods that you loved before pregnancy, you hate during & continue to hate after. That’s only one small part of what pregnancy does to you.

And even though I say enjoy your food now, don’t enjoy it too much! You don’t want to gain 60+ pounds because you ate too much when you were pregnant. Remember you really aren’t “Eating for 2”. It’s only an extra 300 calories a day & generally you don’t need the extra calories until you hit your 2nd trimester.

Tame your cravings by taking your multi-vitamins daily and eating healthy 90% of the time.



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