Bye Bye Back Pain… Strengthening Your Core

After having a baby (or 2 or 3) your midsection can take a beating, not to mention your back. Here are 2 good basic abdominal and 2 basic back exercises you can do to help strengthen your deep [...]


Lean Thighs with Side-Lying Leg Press

Get those lean thighs back after baby or keep them fit and strong during pregnancy with this great side-lying leg press exercise. **Be sure to check with your doctor before you begin any exercise [...]


Abs After Baby…Yes Please!

Yes you can get those sexy abs back after baby! One big tip I can share is to SLOWLY retrain your abs. Check out my video with 3, yes THREE great ab exercises to begin with. Master these before [...]


Mini Workout

This 3 1/2 min. workout is great for anyone, even if your pregnant. Follow either the beginner/prenatal, intermediate/postnatal, or advanced for your custom workout. Repeat as many times as you [...]