The time got away from Didi and I’s conversation about how the cycles of the moon can relate to your cycle. Energies flow from all around us, we need to pay attention to which ones are telling us something. Because there is a power in finding your flow and which energy your body creates.

“We can all heal together.” – Deanne Ziadie

Didi has such an appreciation for life and all it has to offer. She pays attention to the energies around her and how it relates to the moon, the seasons and the elements around us. This can help decrease the stress that our bodies sometimes get overwhelmed with. Your life is constantly changing as you are advancing, growing and evolving constantly; awareness can serve as our guide as we continue to understand our purpose and what we want or need out of life.

Deanne Ziadie

Deanne Ziadie is the creator of Divine Friends Sisterhood Community, the Moon Cycle Journaling course, the new online New Moon Intention Sisterhood Circle, author of children’s book, “Good Morning, Love” and the designer, maker and heart behind her popular ‘A Mother’s Wish’ and ‘New Moon Intention’ bracelets. She helps women and mothers understand the connection between their cycles and the phases + changes of the moon and seasons. By educating women on their womb knowledge, Didi helps to support them in navigating their purpose, improving their communication and enhancing their relationships.

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Erica: Didi, I would love for you to start off by sharing a little more about your story.

Didi: I started my career as a registered nurse as I worked for many years in women’s health. For years, I knew that wasn’t my calling even though healing women were. I had a miscarriage while I was working as a supervisor in my role as a nurse. My husband and I were completely devastated as it was my first pregnancy.

I felt like I did everything right. I was newly married and my husband and I were left confused and sad about the situation. Thankfully, he’s a farmer so he always had the best things to say. I will never forget when I was in the emergency room crying as I was holding his hand and I said to him, “I can’t believe that this is part of our story.” And he looked at me and said, “You know Di, I’ve planted so many seeds in my life and out of those seeds, some make it beautifully and some don’t. We must understand that this is beyond our control.”

He has been a big influence on my life and how I look at seasons. He was explaining to me that there are good times to plant seeds, especially around the new moon. This segued into my nursing and even at the beach that I am around in Florida as I started to notice changes in the tides. Flooding happened around the new moon and it was incredible to become aware of it all.

I then decided to take the biggest leap of my life and leave nursing. Within that same month, I got pregnant. I often wonder if that had something to do with it; not living in my purpose and then moving into this new space of diving into yoga. I started working with beautiful people in beautiful places and it was all just a dream come true.

There is a period after baby where some women choose to do 40-day isolation with baby and selected people in their environment. I chose to do it and I was very selective with what energies I would let into that space. Seren helped me to become extremely intuitive.

Erica: I think pregnancy and becoming a mom makes you so much more aware of your own body. You probably notice it more in the womb, but after they are born all the sudden you experience this connection that you have never experienced before with another human being.

Didi: We recently weaned Seren after two and a half years and it was interesting to look at myself and say, “Who are you again?” I noticed that there were these stages of before motherhood, then becoming a mom and then completely removing myself as her source of survival. It shook me up completely.

After I did the postpartum isolation, I, unfortunately, developed a deep depression from it. I didn’t have that solid community; it was just my husband, myself and baby and that was a lot of pressure on our relationship and myself. So, I wanted to jump back into yoga and that is how I met you because I had developed diastasis recti. Thankfully, after completing your Core Rehab Program, my gap has come together again and all my fears of going back into teaching were gone. It grounded me again, so thank you so much again.

Erica: You are so welcome. You know me, I love what I do and I feel that purpose as you do. It is neat to bring awareness to this journey that we are all on and how the cycles of the moon can relate to that. It is something that I am coming more attuned to. Whether it’s the cycle of the moon, the period cycle or the cycles in life.

Would you talk more about how everything is cyclical? Because I am fascinated to learn even more about the cycles of the moon and how they can affect how we feel, our hormones and our kids. Even if you are pregnant, it can cause your water to break if you are close to your due date. Although P.S., that never worked for me. I was overdue and it was a full moon and nothing happened.

Didi: It is great that you mentioned that. Someone once told me to pay attention to the night that you conceived her on. We have 10 moons, so when the baby is born you can kind of count back and figure out when they were conceived. What is amazing is that there are women that will either mostly ovulate around the new moon or the full moon. When you are menstruating during the new moon, you will ovulate during the full moon and vice versa. As women, we all cycle differently, but we are all connected at the womb space.

For those that bleed during the full moon time, a lot of those women seem to have projects that they may be putting forth into the world at that time. Versus the women who are bleeding during the new moon time when that is the dark period. Those women are cultivating this inner peace for their home whether they are working on a family or they just had a baby. So, the energies are a little different regarding how the moon supports us and how the seasons are associated with that time in our lives. Normally, for women who are bleeding it is a retreating, introverted time for self-care and rest.

I started doing my own journaling during my bleeding time where I discovered there was something amazing behind journaling your cycles.

Erica: I didn’t get mine back until I would be done nursing. I think that could affect the way the natural cycles should go as far as the energies of our body.

Didi: Completely. Normally, if you are not doing any sort of synthetic hormonal replacements and you are exclusively breastfeeding, naturally your body is going to protect itself not to conceive so that you can give all of you to this baby.

But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Some women can ovulate twice during a month. When we ovulate, we ovulate with one ovary. For some women, they skip a month due to traveling, stress or life events. And then the next month, both ovaries shoot out two eggs. That is where we get fraternal twins. Women are breastfeeding during that time and they are confused like, “I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant.” That is why doctors and nurses recommend using protection because you never know what your body is doing depending on the energies around you, your hormonal state and anything that you could be exposed to that creates stress in your body.

Erica: A little bit of stress is good, but a lot of stress is not. I emphasize this with my pregnant + new moms to try to keep her stress as low as possible. Part of that is taking a deep breath and rolling with things.

Didi: Speaking to all the moms out there that have experienced stress and wondering why they can’t take ahold of their life in the way that they knew before baby. With every child you have, you become a different woman every single time. Even if you don’t have children, your life is constantly changing as you are advancing, growing and evolving constantly.

Petrochemicals have pseudo estrogens, which are fake estrogens. This is throwing a lot of women and children off. While working in clinics, I’ve seen girls come in with their periods at age four because of this stuff. A lot of it comes down to the food and the estrogen that we are feeding our children and you may not even realize it. You must work hard to keep the estrogens out of things because of our plastics and processed foods.

Putting that aside, there are these outside forces and energies that we have no control in. What we can control is regulating our own stress levels. Meditation is great, and I know as a new mom it is not always easy to meditate. In that case, sleep is your best meditation to help get your hormone state back to where it was. I’m an advocate for anything that you need to do for your life.

Some women have irregular periods and been put on the pill to regulate their periods. I have learned through the many women that I have worked with that take synthetic hormones, is that they lose a sense of their well-being. We all carry energetic states that are called the divine feminine or the divine masculine.

These two energies operate within every single living being. It’s a creative force, it’s what brings everything together and it cannot be explained. This is where religious studies boomed because people couldn’t understand the concept of creation. You can look at us at a very cellular level; even though we seem solid, we’re not.

The divine masculine trait is a very type A personality, focused and directed. A trait that is learned to be more accepted through society. This doesn’t mean that you must be a man, it is all related to the type of energy that it holds. Then the feminine comes in and holds it in a container and helps us deliver it to the world in the best way that it can be. If you don’ have this container and you are just go, go, go, eventually, everything is everywhere and it becomes a mess.

My husband and I for the first two years after we had Seren didn’t know how to talk to each other anymore. Once I started implementing what I was trying to achieve, the support that I needed and how I’m going to ask for support, it changed the way we talked to each other. This way of communication started to show him that I don’t have this behavioral issue, but this is what is happening energetically to my body.

Women have a 28-35-day cycle. For two or three weeks in the month, we feel incredibly driven. This is why women say we do everything. With men, they are on a 24-hour cycle.

Erica: Wait, that doesn’t match up.

Didi: I know, right! Some guys function best at night and some function best in the morning, it depends on their hormonal state. Historically, as women, we were the ones that held our families together. Of course, it makes sense that we do everything, but we don’t have to take it on in that way. We must understand that there is a season for us to take a step back. Just like Earth has her season, which is winter, where she goes inward. Some would say it’s our menstruation time, where we must go inward and shed everything that we have been holding onto. When we start self-doubting ourselves, then we wonder why we are having these issues with ourselves and that we need more self-love.

It is creating a lot of pressure for our future generation because we are teaching our daughters that we must do everything. That’s not the case. We must show them that it is okay to ask for help and that we don’t have to do everything.

After having Seren, I went through some trauma, I sealed my separation and then I ended up having this massive pelvic floor tightening. I had to go to a physical therapist who eventually helped me learn how to relax. I was so disconnected on all levels after becoming a mom, I had to relearn who I was.

Erica: I love that you brought all of this up because it completely resonates with me. Journaling is so important and so is listening to our bodies. You were talking about that go, go, go lifestyle and that is so me. Once I dive into something that I am so passionate about, it is hard for me to stop. Usually projects just gush out of me, but this current one that I am working on has not been like that.

Forcing something to work isn’t going to allow it to work. If we take a step back from it, wait for the cycles and energy to shift and then pick it back up, that will help with how you feel towards it by minimizing the stress that was once caused by it.

This flow that Didi and I keep mentioning describes this journey that we are all on. This journey where we are learning more about ourselves as we evolve. I am a different person than I was when I had my third six years ago, and there is nothing wrong with that. I have learned so much about myself, life, my children, my husband + our relationship. Take a deep breath somedays and keep moving forward. Start being aware of what it is your body needs and when it needs it.

Didi: That really brings everything full circle. Looking at what you were doing with Core Rehab, I remember that you were very specific about breath work. But it also allowed us to take a step back to allow our bodies and minds to relax. Our bodies need to rest in order to get even further in life.

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