Ever stop to think what damage may be caused by all of our exposure to cell phone radiation, not to mention wi-fi, computers, and other electronics that we use and are around us?

There is a good amount of research that has been done showing that exposure to cell phone’s and other electronics can affect our health (specifically some blood chemistry, increasing stress, and motility of sperm – something we can talk about here at Knocked Up Fitness because that could be directly related to infertility). The results are shocking (read one for my summarized research below)!


So what can we do besides using our electronics less (which isn’t likely for most of us):

  • Use earphones instead of holding your phone right up to your head
  • Turn your wi-fi off when not using (particularly at night before you go to bed)
  • Keep all electronics out of your bedroom so as not to interfere with your sleep
  • Use an alarm clock instead of you phone to wake you in the mornings keeping your phone charging away from your bedroom
  • Put a Truthwav Sine on all your cell phones, wi-fi and other electronics


What is a “Sine”

A Thruthwave Sine is a cell phone EMF harmonizer and head reduce and they have their own research to prove they work! One of their studies shows that the chip harmonizes over 94% of the radiation at a frequency much higher than a cell phone uses of 1.9 to 2.1 GHz and the 2.4 to 5.0 GHz that wi-fi uses – a 94% decrease is huge! Check out this image below showing the difference of the amount of heat transferred with and without using the Sine on a cell phone.



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Now onto my research, it’s pretty sad this info isn’t shared more because there is lot of research that indicates great damage is being done due to the radiofrequency radiation (RFR) of cell phones, wi-fi and other electronics. You hear from time to time a little info here and there but try searching studies and it’s shocking what research has been done!


Don’t worry I’m not going to dive off the deep end, but I have 3 little ones and I’d like them to grow up being as healthy as possible and now-a-days we need to include limiting exposure to cell phones, ipads, computers, etc for our little ones (and ourselves) as part of living a healthy lifestyle. Placing a Sine on all your devices can help give you a little more piece of mind but I’m still a believer (especially for my little ones) to limit their time spent on electronics but limiting their time doesn’t necessarily decrease their exposure due to all the frequencies that around us.

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While some studies found little to no difference with exposure to RFR note that a lot of studies where only testing exposure for three days, that’s right, three days! Um, hello, why not test for much longer when our exposure is defiantly not limited to three days! Yikes! I read through a lot of studies and yes some did find little to no difference in exposure (of 3 days) to RFR but again we must always look at the parameters of studies. Many of those 3-day studies, tested 15-min/day exposure, again something that’s not realistic.


My summary of research on effects of cell phone and radiofrequency radiation (RFR), focused on research geared around pregnancy, newborns and of course male sperm as that plays a major role in infertility, read on for my findings:

  • In a study by E. Ozgur measuring the effects of prenatal and postnatal exposure to GSM-like radiofrequency on blood chemistry and oxidative stress in infant rabbits found that prenatal and postnatal RFR exposure “may lead to oxidative stress and changes on some blood chemistry parameter”. I talk often to my clients, especially pregnant mama’s about the effects of stress, and particularly oxidiative stress on their unborn baby. I don’t do it to scare anyone but very few are talking about the negative effects stress can have on babies of mothers with high levels of stress while pregnant. This is where meditation or including things in life that help de-stress you are very important and of course limiting those big life stressor too!
  • Another study by G. Kismali looked at the blood chemistry and oxidative stress in pregnant and non-pregnant rabbits when exposed to 1800 MHz GSM-like signals finding no indication of oxidative stress (but this study was only measured with three days of exposure) but they “did discover changes in some of their blood chemistry measurements”.
  • A study by A. Tomruk that looked at the hepatic oxidative DNS and lipid damage in nonpregnant, pregnant and newly born rabbits exposed to 15 min/day for a week of 1800 MHz GSM-like RFR. 15 min/day for a week is NOT a lot of exposure, again my point on many of these studies that many have not found much but may have found much greater effects when exposed for longer periods. I don’t’ know about you but I think most everyone spends much more than 15 min/day on their phone! This study actually did find that that amount of exposure “may lead to oxidative destruction”. If they are finding results with only their 15 min/day of exposure I can’t imagine what findings they might find if the exposure where more like 2 hours/day!
  • Oh the topic of sperm and the negative impact exposure to cell phone radiation can have on the motility, DNA fragmentation and clisterin gene expression in human sperm. Thanks to this study by A. Zalata (and there are a lot more studies with similar findings too) found that “Cell phone emissions have a negative impact on exposed sperm motility index, sperm acrosin activity, sperm DNA fragmentation and seminal CLU gene expression, especially in OAT cases.” Might we start to see a connecting to the increase in infertility and cell phone radiation exposure? I’m not saying that’s they case but the studies are proving their may be a corillation. I think we need to be recommending that men do NOT carry their cell phones in their pockets near their waist.

I won’t go into more detail on other studies but to summarize some other finding that there is a link between RFR and tumor production with exposure well under the exposure limits, as well as decreased brain development (something of great concern raising healthy babies) and then there’s the increase in stressed behaviors! So using out cell phones could actually be increasing our stress!

Besides minimizing your exposure to cell phones, computers, ipads, wi-fi, using ear phones or your speaker when talking on your phone to get your phone further from your head, turn your wi-fi off when not using (specifically before going to bed), keep all electronics out of your bedroom and of course get your family set with Sine’s for all your devices and save 25% off your entire order here using code” ezprotect.


Have thoughts on this topics just comment below.



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