Say ‘bye-bye’ to that bloated belly! With these simple tips you can easily improve your digestion in no time, and once you get your digestive system back on track it’s important to note the changes you made to get it there.

I find that one’s digestion gets off because of:

  • crappy, processed food.
  • dehydration.
  • lack of good bacteria in the gut.
  • eating too many inflammatory foods {such as gluten, dairy, & sugar}.
  • lack of movement {yes, exercise can stimulate digestion!}.
  • not enough fiber {but just increasing fiber isn’t the answer, so stay with me}.
  • poor posture.

And…it can make healing diastasis recti that much easier!


  1. Adding in a probiotic supplement. {see below for what I use and what I recommend to my clients}
  2. Drink Kombucha: a fermented drink that is full of good bacteria for your gut! Drink sparingly during pregnancy and while nursing. A little is okay, a lot is not as it has a natural detoxing effect and a small amount of alcohol from fermentation.
  3. Drink plenty of water! Hydration is important in order for things to ‘move effectively’.
  4. Stay active! Don’t over complicate being active, even just going for a walk can help.
  5. Add in collagen powder or bone broth, both have a very positive effect on your overall gut health plus many other benefits for your body too! {see my recommendations below}
  6. Decreasing or eliminating foods that tend to create more inflammation in the body, such as gluten, dairy, sugar, processed foods because of the many chemicals found in them.


  • Ultimate Flora Women’s Care 25 Billion {2 pack!} – Good option if you ‘go once/day’ and need a little boost!
  • Ultimate Flora Women’s Complete 90 Billion – If you feel you don’t ‘go regularly’ to at least get a kick start. Then you can switch to the 25 Billion once you are going every day. Or try taking one of these every couple of days and the 25 billion in between those days.
  • Garden of Life Probiotics for Kids – Love these for my little ones! I highly recommend giving your kiddos a probiotic regularly, as it can help boost their immune system too!


  • Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised Collagen – Great for many health components of our body and digestion is one of them!
  • Bone Broth – Which you can make at home or purchase from a health food store.

Elimination Inflammatory Foods:

If you are thinking of elimination foods such as gluten, dairy, alcohol, sugar and processed foods – that’s great! I do recommend keeping them out for 2 weeks before re-introducing any back in. Then when you do, take note of how you feel and how your digestive system responds. Of course it’s a good idea to always keep your alcohol, sugar and processed food intake low.

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