Erica’s Fav Things: Diaper Bag Must-Haves for Moms

As a Mom, you have to be prepared for anything! You always make sure you have whatever your kids need, but don’t forget what you need too!

These are my diaper bag must-haves that I never leave home without:

First, the bag itself is super important. It’s got to have lots of pockets to keep everything organized, and be a great quality to handle the everyday wear and tear. My fav bag is the Storksak Emily.

I love that the outside pockets on both sides of the bag are insulated, so it can keep a bottle cold for 3-4 hours! Everything is easily accessible, and it’s made with nylon so you can just wipe it clean. Plus, it’s stylish and could totally double as your purse (mine does!).

If you’re like me, your wallet probably bounces around between purses a lot. I love my HOBO wallet because it lets you keep your ID separate, so it’s easy to get to when you need it!

I never leave home without my iPhone – I love that I always have a camera & video camera with me so I never miss a moment with my active kids!

I actually have the older model, but I'm ready to upgrade!

Degree 24hr motionSENSE deodorant. Sound strange? Maybe…but a girl’s gotta stay fresh at all times! Especially in my line of work, when I run out the door at 5:45am & realize later that I forgot to put deodorant on! So I always keep one in my bag.


Once you go polarized, you never go back. I love my Ray Ban polarized sunglasses!

Last thing, my fav baby wrap from Moby. There are so many ways you can wrap it, here’s one called the “hug” hold.

These are my faves, what are yours?

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