Erica’s Fav Things: Fit Momma

For many women, being healthy and taking care of ourselves is something that we learned later in life. Lots of us weren’t taught about the importance of health and fitness when we were young, and sometimes it can feel like we have to ‘force’ ourselves to stay in shape now.

Especially once we become Moms!

The first time we get pregnant, it’s almost shocking how much our bodies change. This is exactly when it becomes both really important and really difficult to keep up a good fitness routine.

Having the right tools for your workout will make sure you enjoy staying in shape – there’s nothing worse than clothes that don’t fit or equipment that doesn’t get the job done! It’s just setting you up to make excuses.

These are my fav Fit Momma accessories:

The best way to stay on top of fitness is to take your baby with you. I LOVE this BOB Revolution stroller for walking, jogging, even everyday adventures. It has a swivel wheel, making it easy to maneuver around and a lock to keep it in place (though I usually prefer to keep it swiveling). There’s plenty of storage underneath and a console by the handle for keeping your keys, water and whatever else you need. And it has a car seat attachment so it’s super easy to pop the baby carrier in and out…so versatile!

This stroller is a little bit bigger than a typical walking stroller, but I find that it folds up really easily and works perfect for my very active family. I use it all the time.

The right attire – I love the Every Yogi tank and Groove pant from Lululemon.

Fit Momma
Lululemon Every Yogi Tank $42, Groove Pant $98

The tank fits a little loose so you can easily move around, and there is no built-in bra which allows you to wear whichever bra you need right now. If you’re nursing, make sure you wear a bra with extra support! I also like that this top is a little longer than most, so it won’t creep up on you.

The pants are stretchy and super comfortable, and the waistband won’t dig into your belly. They just fit nicely all around!

Stay Hydrated – I prefer the BPA-free LifeFactory water bottles. These are glass bottles, which is safer you and keeps your water fresh (instead of those nasty plastic ones that make water taste gross like, well, plastic). These are covered in a silicone sleeve so they are easy to grab and they look cute too.

LifeFactory Water Bottle 16oz $22.99

The last (and maybe most important thing to keep you motivated) ‘accessory’ is good music! Make a playlist for your iPhone or iPod that will keep you moving.

Some of my favorite heart-pumping songs are:

Incredible Machine by Sugarland
Sing a Song by Dave Matthews & Blue Man Group
Lookin For A Good Time by Lady Antebellum
Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift
Own the Night by Lady Antebellum
Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson
All I Want To Do by Sugarland
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