Meet Rachel — Our Featured Instructor of the Month!

Rachel Feldman is a certified personal trainer, barre and yoga instructor in New York City and the Hamptons. Since her own pregnancy with her daughter Mimi Jayne, Rachel broadened her training to include Prenatal and Postpartum strength training + yoga as well as being a part of Babywearing Fitness to help moms navigate the journey of pregnancy and beyond.

Her approach is functional and corrective as she prepares pregnant women’s bodies for labor and delivery while speeding up their postpartum healing. Through her approach, she is helping women increase their body awareness and move through their pregnancy and postpartum recovery feeling pain-free, strong, flexible and confident in how they look and feel.

Rachel has been able to take her knowledge from the Prenatal/Postnatal Exercise Specialist course created by Erica Ziel into the body prep she does for mamas prior to delivery + beyond!

Rachel is certified as an ACE personal trainer, Sonic Yoga 85hr Prenatal Yoga and has an Exhale Barre Certification.

Learn more about Rachel with our Q&A!!

Q: Favorite workout and exercises to do when you are traveling and don’t have any equipment?

A: Yoga is the best, no equipment workout to do anywhere. I love to do a full sun salutation, adding on to each vinyasa to increase the intensity and work up a sweat. Also, the Turkish get up with no weight which is challenging on its own! And squats of course!

Q: What is the #1 thing you learned from Erica’s Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist course?

A: The importance of releasing the pelvic floor. I spent so much time during my own pregnancy trying to keep my pelvic floor strong that when it actually came time to push I had a total mental and physical block. This course really taught me how to soften and release which I now teach to my clients.

Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote?A: Sometimes clients will think if they can’t get to a class or work with a trainer that there’s no point in working out at all. But even if you can only get in five minutes at home on your own, that’s doing something. And every little bit helps.

Q: Best pregnancy advice for all our pregnant mamas?

A: Sleep! Whenever you can and whenever your body is telling you to. And listen to your intuition. Trust your instincts on what’s best for you and your growing baby. Don’t let other people’s opinions cloud what you know is best for yourself.

Q: What was your favorite workout apparel you recommend to wear during the first trimester?

A: Most Lululemon tops look like maternity wear to me! When I wasn’t ready to tell people but I had a little tummy, I wore all their billowy tops which nicely showcase your big growing boobs and cover your itty-bitty first-trimester bump!

Q: What is your healthy go-to snack?

A: Toasted Ezekiel bread with nut butter

For more information about Rachel and her training…

Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise Specialist Instructor Course

Erica Ziel’s Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist Instructor Course is designed to educate and teach fitness professionals how to safely and effectively train their prenatal and postnatal clients while maximizing their results.

Instructors can expect to learn:

  • How to properly identify diastasis in their prenatal and postnatal clients
  • Insight into the female anatomy, fascia and postural changes that happen during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Variables, limitations and modifications that will affect each client differently
  • How pregnancy workouts have an impact on a woman’s labor, delivery and recovery
  • How to minimize, heal and prevent diastasis in your prenatal and postnatal clients
  • How to strengthen your client’s newly postpartum body for life as a busy mom
  • Prenatal and postnatal case studies allowing you to apply what you have learned to real-life scenarios
  • And MUCH MORE!

Click here to learn more about Erica’s Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist Instructor Course.

To learn more about Erica Ziel and/or other programs she to offer, visit her website at


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