Fit Tip | Single Leg Abs

*Go Slow When Doing Ab Exercises*

This exercise is great during your 1st Trimester only & After Baby

**Always check with your Doctor before beginning any exercise program**

Click here for ACOG guideline of when NOT to exercise during pregnancy

Focus: Abs/Core
Think “Ribs to Hips” & “Scoop your belly In & Up”
Keep a neutral spine unless you have a tender back then you can gentle allow your back to touch the floor.

  • If you’re neck is straining – Keep your head lowered & just move your legs
  • If you feel more in your back then your abs – shorten the range of motion your legs are moving.

Start doing 1-2 sets of 20-30 repetitions then gradually increase &/or incorporate into your workouts.

Feel that deep ab burn 😉


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