Fit Tip | Super Star Exercise {Video}

Tip: The Key to Great Arms is Sculpted Shoulders 🙂

This exercise can be done during your 1st & 2nd Trimesters & After-Baby.

**Always check with your Doctor before beginning any exercise program**

I call this the “Super Star” think “saturday night live!” Hey you have to throw in humor as often as possible. Trust me once you learn this exercise you’ll never forget it. Plus you might have a good laugh towards the end (I was going to edit but decided against it).

Form is the most important when it comes to strength training, especially during pregnancy. Don’t use weights that are too heavy even if that means using no weights.

Equipment needed

  • Small hand weights
  • I recommend 2 lbs but you can always start without weights & of course always add more

I love this exercise for many reasons

  • A great warm-up
  • Good full-body exercise
  • Great hip & butt strengthener
  • Sculpts your shoulders
  • There are so many variations, the possibilities are endless

Targeted Muscles

  • Glutes (Butt)
  • Quads (Top of thighs)
  • Hamstrings (back of legs)
  • Deltoids (shoulders)

Start doing 1 set & 10 -15 repetitions, gradually adding sets &/or repetitions as you become stronger

Let me know what you think 🙂


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