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image of prenatal sculpt workout
Prenatal Pilates Sculpt Workout

I founded Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness in 2012, the year Rihanna had us shining bright like a Diamond and Facebook went public. My, how times have changed…Did I know that I would be helping thousands of mamas through my online membership prepare their bodies for pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery? No. Not at all. But no matter what single Rihanna…

image of planks during pregnancy
How To Do Planks During Pregnancy

Attention pregnant mamas! Have you been wondering if it’s safe for you to do planks during pregnancy? If so, do you know HOW to do them? >>Planks are a great way to activate your deep core in a safe and effective way when done correctly.<< *Think of it as lightly hugging your baby to be!* Whether it’s your first pregnancy…

image of getting pregnant and staying pregnant
Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant

Getting pregnant and staying pregnant affects more women than you may think. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 6.1 million women in the United States have difficulty becoming pregnant or staying pregnant.   Because this is a topic that affects so many women, I invited Dr. Gleaton, a certified OBGYN and Medical Director of Natalist, to talk…