Attention pregnant mamas!

Have you been wondering if it’s safe for you to do planks during pregnancy? If so, do you know HOW to do them?

>>Planks are a great way to activate your deep core in a safe and effective way when done correctly.<<

*Think of it as lightly hugging your baby to be!*

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fourth, this post is going to outline exactly how to do planks during pregnancy.

Let’s get started!

Modifying Planks During Pregnancy

You might be wondering what’s the difference between doing a plank when you’re pregnant vs. when you’re not sporting your beautiful bump.

Well mama, it’s important to make sure you are moving and holding your body in a way that supports your baby and belly.

This means that after your first trimester, I want you up on a chair when you do planks during pregnancy.

>>Being in this position is much safer for your baby and will give your bump better support.<<

Trust me, ladies: Having gone through three pregnancies myself, I have first-hand experience with this!

Setting Up

Now that you’re in a planking position on the chair, I want you to be aware of a few things before you get moving:

  1. Pull up on your quads to fire them up
  2. Connect with your pelvic floor/lower belly
  3. Make sure there is NO coning of the belly
  4. Wrap your shoulders to activate your mid-back
  5. Lengthen tall through the top of your head
image of how to do planks during pregnancy

Plank Slides

Although you probably know how to hold a static plank, I love making this an active movement to begin to stimulate and lengthen your fascia.

In order to do plank slides, you are going to move forward and back on your toes. It will feel like you’re getting a calf stretch when you go back and exhale to initiate the movement forward.

>>Your exhale is going to help you connect deeper with your pelvic floor and lower belly to hug your baby.<<

The connection you will begin to feel in your deep core is coming underneath your belly and NOT drawing belly to the spine.

Downward Dog Into Plank

You are still going to be hanging out on the chair for this one.

Trust me ladies, your body is about to feel allllll sorts of goodness in this plank variation because you are going to be actively creating space along your spine.

Going back into downward dog, you’re going to soften your knees while lifting your SITZ bones up to the ceiling.

It’s important that your shoulders stay wrapped underneath your ribs so your head doesn’t sink into your body.

>>You do not have permission to look like a turtle during this movement.<<

Moving into a pike, you’re going to lift your heels, pull up on your quads and round your spine forward into a plank. Then to go back, tuck your chin and use your core to bring your body into a downward dog.

When you are stretching during this movement, it’s important to have a light connection from the base of the pelvic floor all the way to your fingertips.

This will make sure that you are not overstretching by creating opposition through the body.

To get out of downward dog, walk your feet towards your chair. By doing this you can avoid putting any stress on your belly.

There you have it, mama: your step-by-step guide to doing planks during pregnancy that is safe for your bump!

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