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pelvic floor during pregnancy
Round Ligament Pain: What it feels like

Round ligament pain during pregnancy is common and happens because your uterus is stretching causing an intense stretch on your round ligament. The round ligament connects from your uterus to your pelvis and as your pregnancy progresses that round ligament is getting stretched and can cause pain and discomfort.

5 Tips for Staying Active During Pregnancy

Can I make a confession? I love inspiring women to stay active during pregnancy! >>Not only does staying active help you create a healthy lifestyle, but it also prepares you for birth and recovery postpartum.<< Now that I have been working with prenatal women for almost 20 years, I have a few tips that will set your movement practice up for…

image of preparing for c-section
How to Prepare Your Body for a C-Section

Are you wondering if there’s anything you can do to prepare your body for a C-section? I understand the C-section overwhelm is REAL but I want you to know that there is so much that you can do with movement, breathwork, and mindset before you go into surgery. Not only will the tools that I’m going to teach you today…

4 Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

Can I ask you a question? Are you aware of the postural changes that happen during pregnancy? These shifts can follow you into postpartum if you don’t bring awareness to them and work to improve your posture. Real talk: hamstrings play a huge role in posture because there is a fascial line that connects up to the glute. And you…

picture of back pain
How To Get Rid of Back Pain with a Small Ball

Who’s ready to say goodbye to pregnancy back pain? *I see you raising your hand, mama!* >>If you’ve never worked with a small, squishy ball before, then your life is about to be changed with this simple movement even after you’ve had your baby.<< I *totally* get how annoying back pain is during pregnancy (Growing a human inside of you can…

image of planks during pregnancy
How To Do Planks During Pregnancy

Attention pregnant mamas! Have you been wondering if it’s safe for you to do planks during pregnancy? If so, do you know HOW to do them? >>Planks are a great way to activate your deep core in a safe and effective way when done correctly.<< *Think of it as lightly hugging your baby to be!* Whether it’s your first pregnancy…