Who’s ready to say goodbye to pregnancy back pain?

*I see you raising your hand, mama!*

>>If you’ve never worked with a small, squishy ball before, then your life is about to be changed with this simple movement even after you’ve had your baby.<<

I *totally* get how annoying back pain is during pregnancy (Growing a human inside of you can make anyone run on a short fuse).

However, there is something you can do to decrease it so you can be feeling your best throughout your whole pregnancy.

Not to mention it will also help you in healing your body postpartum.

image of pregnancy back pain

I hope you find the following exercise tips helpful, including:

  1. Finding pelvic floor and deep core connection during pregnancy and postpartum
  2. How this movement can minimize and heal diastasis recti by learning to release through your obliques
  3. Addressing postural shifts that take place while you’re bumpin’

With these tips, a squishy ball and the determination to NOT have discomfort be your new normal, you too can minimize your back pain.

Trust me on this one mama as I have helped thousands of women stay confident, strong and feeling their best during pregnancy with my Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness prenatal membership.

The choice is yours so what are you waiting for? Click the video below and check it out!

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