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Those aches + pains DON’T have to come with pregnancy. You have much more control of what is going on with your body during pregnancy than you may realize. Learning about how to strengthen and engage your deep core, with the help of baby, can impact how you feel while you are pregnant, giving birth and recovery postpartum. I teach all of this in my prenatal membership to help you feel your best during pregnancy.

If you are a fitness professional check out my Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist Course! I created it because I’ve seen over my 15 years of training that this information needs to be taught to anyone who trains women (not just prenatal). It’s a must add to your book of knowledge.

Did I mention that during you also have incredible superpowers? Taking advantage of these superpowers  as they have the potential to help make your core stronger, push baby out faster with minimal to no tearing,  and recovery postpartum easier.

Feel empowered during your pregnancy!

So, why is pregnancy the best time to start strengthening your core?

This goes beyond just strengthening your ‘abs’. While tightening and toning is definitely a goal for many moms, core training is all about learning how to strengthen your entire deep core (including your pelvic floor). When you’re learning to connect to your deep core during pregnancy, you have your baby in your belly to lightly ‘hug’– and it can actually help you find and feel your deep core muscles like you’ve never felt them before!

Deep core training encompasses specific methods (my Push Prep Method), improving your ability to connect with your deep core in every movement, and of course performing the most effective exercises the correct way!

When exercising, if the core is not correctly engaged, injury and even worsening of existing abdominal separations can occur. This is why it is so important to learn in pregnancy how to accommodate you’re changing body. It might seem a little strange to think about ‘training your abs’ in pregnancy, but it’s actually the best time to connect with your belly and really feel your best when exercising and throughout your day!

Some of the benefits to learning how to strengthen your core during pregnancy:

  1. Fewer aches + pains
  2. Better posture
  3. Minimize diastasis recti
  4. Even improve diastasis recti
  5. Better pelvic floor strength and relaxation
  6. Decrease the likely hood of pelvic organ prolapse
  7. More energy
  8. Easier delivery and recovery
  9. Achieving a toned and strengthened core {Hips to Shoulders}
  10. Improve body confidence!!

Are you convinced yet?!

Below I’ve included 5 video clips of some great core exercises for pregnancy.  One of the biggest components in getting the results you want and need, is that you’re doing the right kind of exercises {the right way} to help properly train and strengthen your abdominal muscles. More importantly, these exercises can help you connect with your deep core, so you can feel that connection, and even begin healing diastasis recti while you are pregnant!

Because it really is possible to get stronger while you are pregnant!

I’ve always been fascinated by working with expecting mama’s,  and seeing how much stronger their body becomes by working out! Becoming stronger does not just happen by staying physically active – it really requires learning and understanding how to strengthen your deep core properly, and how to move your body effectively so you feel good! What I’ve learned over the years training moms is that the physical changes of pregnancy can cause us to lose the connection with our core, however with proper training and specific exercises, this connection can actually improve in pregnancy.

You’ll find a lot of my tutorials on how to strengthen your deep core, along with other recommended exercises, plus join me each month for a live group coaching call and much more when you start your Knocked-Up Fitness Membership (learn more here).

1. Pelvic Tilts

2. Standing Rotations

3. Hip Rolls

4. Reach + Curls

 5. Arm Exercises

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