Can you repair diastasis recti during pregnancy? I get asked this question A LOT so it’s time to talk about it…While I’d love to say “yes” – actually repairing diastasis recti during pregnancy is not something to strive for. However, there are several awesome things you can do during pregnancy to help in minimizing abdominal separation and setting your body up to be strong, improve posture, decrease aches and pains and more! Watch my video below for the full discussion and see my 11 tips below that.

  1. Strengthening your deep core muscles properly during pregnancy could help in minimizing diastasis recti during pregnancy, plus help in healing after baby!
  2. Learning to relax your core {and belly} more throughout pregnancy can help allow for your muscles to stretch with your growing baby. I talk more about this in my Book “The Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Guide to Pregnancy”
  3. Improving the fascial connection {connective tissue} in your abdomen can help in creating a stronger core. Did you know you have 3 fascial layers in your abdomen?
  4. Learn to properly activate your deep core muscles {pelvic floor, transverse abdominals, multifidous, intercostals and diaphragm} all play a key roll in functioning together to help improve core function and fascial connection.
  5. Focus on lengthening through your body – posture plays a key role.
  6. Improving deep core connection not only can help in minimizing diastasis recti but can help improve back pain and other body aches and pains.
  7. Finding your deep core muscles during pregnancy is one of the easiest times in life to find your deep core muscle connection – incredible!
  8. To kegel or not to kegel? great question, I talk more about Kegels here.
  9. Strengthening your deep core during pregnancy can greatly impact your recovery after baby in a very positive way.
  10. Muscle memory plays a key role in improving recovery after baby when you’ve spent time learning how to properly engage your deep core during pregnancy.
  11. Taking a little time for yourself now can positively impact your life as a busy mama!

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