Excerpt from the Knocked Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy

  The benefits of strengthening your deep core are virtually endless! Here are a few important reasons you need to start ASAP and strengthen your deep core properly (which is explained in detail in the Knocked Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy and discussed throughout all of the Knocked Up Fitness programs):
  •  Look and FEEL your best, during pregnancy, after baby, and far beyond!
  • A quicker and easier labor, specifically the pushing portion (could prevent unnecessary c-section).
  • The ability to bounce back quicker after baby – get those abs back! (or as I prefer to say “core back”)
  • Prevent/minimize and repair diastsis recti more easily
  • Minimize “coning” of your belly during pregnancy
  • Can help you continue to do planks longer during pregnancy and again postpartum (just be sure to check for abdominal separation  a.k.a diastasis recti and avoid “coning” of your belly)

Interested in diving even deeper check out Erica’s Instructor Trainer Courses and Certifications: the Knocked Up Fitness Pre/Postnatal Foundation Course and Certification and the Knocked Up Fitness Pre/Postnatal Pilates Course and Certification


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