How Do I Know If I Have Diastasis Recti?

Not sure if you have abdominal separation, aka “Diastasis Recti”, the separation of the rectus abdominals. For many women this happens due to pregnancy. Risks are increased with multiplies, & multiply pregnancies because your belly stretches more with each. Most doctors don’t ever talk about it because they see no medical risk, however, if a hernia results or the other way around, that is cause for notice. At least I think it is. Not to mention how your belly may look. If you could, you would want your belly to return to as normal as possible after each pregnancy, right? or is that just me 😉

Be sure to watch the video below to find out how you can check for have abdominal separation + some other great tips!

Test Your Belly for Diastasis Recti Video


Note: Yes I believe you can bring your abs back together! I knew you would ask that, stay tuned for more info & some exercises that can help you get started. For now, be sure you have read my “Avoid Crunches” post, that’ll give you some more great info!


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