5 Signs You’re Ready To Exercise After Baby!

A lot of moms ask, “How soon after giving birth can I start exercising?”

KUF5signsIf you’re planning on getting back to an exercise routine after baby, there are a few signs you should look out for to be sure your body is ready to begin! Here 5 signs you’re ready for postnatal exercise:

1. Your doctor gives you the go ahead. This one is extremely important because your doctor can monitor your healing, and other medical factors like blood pressure and improvement of any complications you may have experienced. Overdoing it too soon after delivery can lead to medical complications, so be sure to check with your doctor before you begin a routine.

2. You’re healing comfortably. This will be different for every person and every delivery– especially if you had a c-section. While it may take 8 weeks or more to feel you have healed from delivery, with your doctors approval you can begin a light exercise routine once postpartum bleeding lightens. Be sure to monitor this during exercise and to stop immediately and consult your doctor if you notice a change.

3. Your energy is back. After delivery and getting comfortable in your schedule with your baby, many new moms are quite tired– especially if baby hasn’t mastered a sleep schedule. When your physical fatigue from labor subsides and you start to get some sleep, your body will feel more energized and ready for exercise!

4. Your body is responding well to daily activity. If you’ve successfully ventured out for an afternoon of shopping or a stroller walk, this is a sign your body is ready to take on some activity. Always listen to your body and increase your activity level slowly. Remember: if you’re feeling sluggish at the end of the day, beginning a light exercise routine can actually help boost your daily energy level!

5. You can easily complete your prenatal exercises. If you were actively involved in an exercise routine before baby, you can begin postnatal exercise with the activities that you found comfortable towards the end of your pregnancy. As you heal and the Relaxin hormone that loosens your joints during pregnancy dissipates, you’ll find your prenatal exercises less challenging. By listening to your body and slowly increasing the time and intensity of your workouts, you can successfully and safely move into a postnatal exercise routine to work out your post-baby body!


If you’re ready to begin a postpartum routine, start by reading the Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness guide to Listening to Your Body, then you can begin with some of the postnatal exercises and tips!


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